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California Education Code, Section 60800

This Education Code Section provides information about the administration of the Physical Fitness Test.

Education Code Section 60800.  (a) During the month of February, March, April, or May, the governing board of each school district maintaining any of grades 5, 7, and 9 shall administer to each pupil in those grades the physical performance test designated by the state board. Each pupil with a physical disability and each pupil who is physically unable to take all of the physical performance test shall be given as much of the test as his or her condition will permit.  

(b) Upon request of the department, a school district shall submit to the department, at least once every two years, the results of its physical performance testing.  

(c) The department shall compile the results of the physical performance test and submit a report every two years, by December 31, to the Legislature and Governor that standardizes the data, tracks the development of high-quality fitness programs, and compares the performance of California's pupils with national performance, to the extent that funding is available.  

(d) Pupils shall be provided with their individual results after completing the physical performance testing. The test results may be provided orally as the pupil completes the testing.  

(e) The governing board of a school district shall report the aggregate results of its physical performance testing administered pursuant to this section in their annual school accountability report card required by Sections 33126 and 35256.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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