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TRT Training Video Text Transcript - Spring 2012

The content on this page is the text transcript for the Using the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Technology Readiness Tool video presentation.


Welcome to a demonstration of using the Technology Readiness Tool. The system that is collecting technology related information as it relates to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium or SBAC student assessment system. The SBAC Technology Readiness Tool is a web based system at the web address of or Your username is your email address; your password is set using the link in the new account email that came from the system when your user was created.

The tool has two main sections where you’ll be submitting data: the device inventory management section and the school survey question section. We’ll start with the devices section. Hover over the setup menu to display the drop down menu and then select Device Inventory management. There are two methods to submit data: the manual method and the file import method. We’ll use the manual method first. In the task box, check the box next to new devices and then select the start task button. If you’re a district level user, or a school level user, with access to multiple schools, you’ll need to select a school in the organization section. Select the change or down arrow link, then type in a portion of the school name and then select the school name from the list. The system can automatically determine some of the field values for the specific work station you’re using at the time. Select the green auto populate fields button to run the auto populate function.

In the name field, enter a short abbreviation for the school name. Complete the rest of the fields on the form. Please note that the work station needs Java Virtual Machine 1.5 software in order for the auto populate function to operate. Enter a number in the count field if there are multiple devices with the same technical specifications. Select the create device button to submit the data. If you need to update previously submitted information, check the box on the line according to the information you want to update, then go up and select the checkbox next to edit devices, and then finally select the start task button. Update the necessary information in the form and select then save button.

To use the file import method, select the device import/export link. Select the choose file button and then specify the comma separated value or.csv file on your computer. Enter a description for this import and then select the process file button. Select the exit button to return to the file import listing. The status of your file import will start at the impending status, eventually go to the processing status, and then finally to the complete status. You can refresh the page to get updates on the status. Or else you can wait for the mail that will indicate when your file has been processed. When you return to the device inventory management section, you will see your new devices have been added.

Now let’s move on to the School Survey question section. Hover over the setup menu and then select organization management. Check the box next to the school name in the bottom listing of schools. Select the checkbox school survey question in the task section and then select the start task button. For the spring 2012 data collection, please do not enter information in the max number of simultaneous test takers field, the testing window field or the sessions per day field. In the estimated test taker count field, please enter the estimated number of students in grades three (3) through eight (8) and grade eleven (11) only. Select the save button to submit the information to the database. A message will indicate that changes were saved successfully. Select the exit button to return to the organization management page. To get a status of previous file imports, go to the setup menu and then select batch file importing and exporting. If a file import had a status of error, select the file name link to get more information on the error. In this example, row 4 in the import file had an invalid device type. However, note the other records in the import file were successfully processed.

In this example, the import file at row three had the incorrect number of tokens or the incorrect number of commas on that line. Note that no records were processed in this import file due to the incorrect number of tokens on that one line.

To display a list of schools and their submission status, hover over the results and indicators tab and select the submissions status link. To get a report on the devices section, hover over the results and indicators tab and then select device indicators. You can get a report at the school level by selecting the link in the organization column. When you’re finished using the system, select the sign out link. If you have questions about using the Technology Readiness Tool, please check the SBAC CDE Web site at For specific questions about the Technology Readiness Tool, please email For general SBAC questions please send an email to

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