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Smarter Balanced TRT Fall 2012

Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) information for the fall 2012 data collection window.

Several changes have been made to Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Tool for the fall 2012 data collection. Further details on the new questions and options can be found in the TRT File Import Layouts. The fall 2012 data collection period ends on December 14, 2012.

Devices Section

School Survey Questions Section

"Readiness" Reports

When the minimum system requirements are coded into the system, the reports under the Results & Indicators tab will show the percentage of devices that meet the minimum requirements, the percentage of students who can be tested at a given time, and the percentage of network bandwidth required. While the minimum system requirements are expected to be available in early December 2012, the "readiness" reports will not be available until early January 2013. (updated 30-Nov-2012)

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