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TRT 3.0 What's New

The changes and enhancements in the August 2013 (version 3.0) release of the Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Tool (TRT).

The Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) helps schools determine if they have sufficient technology to administer Smarter Balanced assessments. More details on using the TRT can be found on the Technology Readiness Tool page.


The "Home" screen has a dashboard that includes the following information:

Network Bandwidth Options

New network speed options have been added: 5MB, 15MB, and 25MB.

Operating System Options

New operating system options have been added:

Mark Data Entry Complete

IMPORTANT: The method of marking a school as complete has been redesigned. TRT 3.0 requires data in all required fields before a school can be marked as complete. See the TRT Basic Steps page for information on the required fields and the method for marking a school as complete. If you are unsure if a school is marked as complete, hover over the Results & Indicators tab, and choose the Completion Status report.

Overall Readiness Indicators Report

The new Overall Readiness Indicators report provides an overview of a school's readiness from a devices and network point of view. Also, a "what if" calculator is available so you can experiment with different variables that are used in the readiness calculations. This report is available under the Results & Indicators menu.

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