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2015-16 California High School Proficiency Exam

Informational flyer for students in grades eleven and twelve.
What is the CHSPE?
  • The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a voluntary test that assesses proficiency in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills taught in public schools. The CHSPE consists of two test sections: mathematics and English-language arts (ELA). The ELA section has two subtests (reading and language). Eligible persons who pass both parts of the CHSPE are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency by the State Board of Education. The test is given in English only.
Who is eligible to take the CHSPE?

You may take the CHSPE only if on the test date, you:

  • are at least 16 years old, or
  • have been enrolled in the tenth grade for one academic year or longer, or
  • will complete one academic year of enrollment in the tenth grade at the end of the semester during which the next regular administration will be conducted. (Regular administrations are the fall and spring administrations each school year.)
When is the CHSPE offered?

The administration dates for the 2015–16 school year are as follows:

Test Date Saturday Morning Regular Registration Deadline
(Receipt Dated)
Late Registration Deadline
(Receipt Dated)
Emergency Registration Deadline
(Receipt Dated)
Results Mailed
October 17, 2015 September 18, 2015 October 2, 2015 October 13, 2015 November 20, 2015
March 19, 2016 February 19, 2016 March 4, 2016 March 15, 2016 April 22, 2016

There is at least one test administration center in most California counties; some counties have more than one test administration center. A list of the counties and test centers may be found at the CHSPE Test Locations Web page [] External link opens in new window or tab. in the CHSPE Information Bulletin also available on that Web site.

Certificate of Proficiency

California law requires that the Certificate of Proficiency be equivalent to a high school diploma. Institutions that are subject to California law and that require a high school diploma must accept a Certificate of Proficiency. A student who receives a Certificate of Proficiency may, with verified parental approval, leave high school early. The Certificate of Proficiency, however, is not equivalent to completing all course work required for regular graduation from high school. Speak to your school counselor to understand the benefits of the Certificate of Proficiency. This certificate meets the federal financial aid requirement of a high school diploma or equivalent. If you are planning to continue your studies in a college or university, contact the admissions office so that you may understand its requirements and whether or not the CHSPE certificate will be accepted.

For More Information

Additional information about the examination, visit the CHSPE Web site [] External link opens in new window or tab. or call 1-866-342-4773.

Questions:   CHSPE Office | | 1-866-342-4773
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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