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California Code of Regulations - Title 5 (CHSPE)

Regulations for the California High School Proficiency Examination.

Subchapter 8. High School Proficiency Certificates 

Article 1. Certificate of Proficiency

11520.  Definitions.  

"Parent" as used in Education Code Section 48410(e), relating to verified parental approval, means the natural parent, or adoptive parent or guardian, having legal custody of the pupil.

Note:  Authority cited:  Sections 48410, 48412 and 51426, Education Code. 

11521.  Placement on Pupil Transcript.  

A school district shall, for each pupil who demonstrates proficiency as provided in Education Code Section 48410(e), indicate the pupil's accomplishment and the date of the proficiency certificate award on the pupil's official transcript. 

11522.  Requirement for Exemption from School Attendance Form.  

Each school district shall develop a form which evidences parental consent for exemption from further compulsory school attendance pursuant to Education Code Section 48410(e). The form shall be made available upon request to 16-and 17-year-old pupils who have received the Certificate of Proficiency. The form shall contain at least the following information:

  1. A general explanation of the pupil's rights of exemption from compulsory school attendance and of re-enrollment in the public high schools.
  2. The date of issuance of a certificate of proficiency
  3. The signature of the parent and the date
  4. The signature of a school administrator who has personally confirmed the authenticity of the parent's signature and the date.   

11523.  Examination Announcements. 

The school district superintendent shall require the principal of each school maintaining either or both of grades 11 and 12 to distribute to each pupil in those grades an announcement explaining the California High School Proficiency Examination provided for under Education Code Section 48412. Upon receipt of the announcements from the State Department of Education or its contractor, distribution shall be made in time sufficient to enable interested pupils to meet all examination registration requirements for the fall test of that year.

Note:  Authority cited:  Sections 33031 and 48412, Education Code. Reference:  Sections 48410(e) and 48412, Education Code.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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