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CAPA Participation Criteria

Test site coordinators are responsible for having students’ Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) reviewed to determine if the students will take the California Standards Tests (CSTs) with no accommodations or modifications, take the CSTs with accommodations and/or modifications, take the California Modified Assessment (CMA), or take the CAPA. Since examiners may adapt the CAPA based on students’ instruction mode, accommodations and modifications do not apply to CAPA.

IEP teams determine how students with disabilities will participate in the CAASPP Program. If the IEP team determines that the student should be assessed with the CAPA, the IEP team is also responsible for determining if the student should take the grade-assigned CAPA level or CAPA Level I. This information is included on each student’s IEP. Students with grade-level designations on their IEPs must take either CAPA Level I or the CAPA level designated for their individual grade level.

Table 1. CAPA Levels

CAPA Level Grade Range Subjects
ELA, Math, Science
2 & 3
ELA, Math
4 & 5
ELA, Math, Science
ELA, Math, Science
ELA, Math, Science

Students who repeat grade eleven for multiple years continue to take CAPA Level I or Level V as their statewide assessment until enrolled in grade 12.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, November 7, 2016
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