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Transcript of the CCSS Web Page Introduction Video

The content on this page is the text transcript for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Web Page Introduction Video.


Hello, and welcome to the California Department of Education’s Common Core State Standards, or CCSS, Web page introduction. I am Joy Kessel, Associate Governmental Programs Analyst for the Common Core Systems Implementation Office here at CDE. This brief video includes an overview of the CCSS Web page and the interactive significant milestones timeline, as well as tips for finding CCSS resources.

Let’s get started.

Visitors to the CDE main page at will find a link to the CCSS Web page under the highlights section located in the lower center of the page.

This is the CCSS Web page. It begins with a simple, brief introduction to the Common Core State Standards. Under the introduction is The Standards section.

The first bullet of this section is a link to the What are the Common Core Standards? Web page. This is an excellent page for users who are new to the standards and need basic information. The same introductory paragraphs from the main page appear at the top of this page. Under this text is an embedded video, A New Foundation for Student Success, which provides an introduction to the standards including a brief history. On this page you will also find links to information regarding California’s adoption process, the standards initiative, and the standards themselves, including the appendices.

Returning to the CCSS Web page, under The Standards section, the last two bullets are California’s Common Core State Standards. The middle bullet is the standards for English language arts and literacy and the last bullet is the standards for mathematics.

Under these bullets you will find six tabs.

The first tab, Implementation Plan, includes the CCSS systems implementation plan for California, the interactive significant milestones timeline, and Appendix A from the plan, which is a template for local CCSS systems implementation. There is also a link to the CDE’s Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Web page, including a link to the Sample Items and Performance Tasks. This tab also includes a link to the Common Core Frequently Asked Questions and a link to information about the CCSS Resources Listserv.

The second tab includes resources for teachers implementing the Common Core. Here you will find links to subject specific resources, resources from the CDE, professional learning opportunities and online modules, resource clearinghouses, presentations and webinars, and resources from our national implementation partners.

The third tab includes resources for education administrators implementing the Common Core, which includes links to subject specific resources as well, but also links to the Communications Toolkit for California with available translations of the Parent Brochure, resources from the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, county offices of education, CDE, and national implementation partners.

The fourth tab includes resources for students, parents, and guardians. Here visitors will find brief informational flyers. These flyers have been translated into Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Tagalog. There is also a link to the grade level curriculum, which includes curriculum information for each grade level, K–8, with a special focus on the Common Core. There are also links to handbooks, guides, and roadmaps from our local and national implementation partners for families looking for more information about the Common Core.

The fifth tab includes resources for the higher education community, which includes links to subject specific resources as well as documents explaining the role of higher education in CCSS implementation.

The sixth tab includes resources for Community Partners, such as local school board members and business leaders. Here you will find informational handouts regarding the role of community partners, as well as links to the State Board of Education Meeting Agenda Items and the introductory video, A New Foundation for Student Success.

So we’ve covered the general layout of the Web page. Now let’s look more closely at a couple of excellent resources.

Returning to the Implementation Plan tab, two bullets down, you will find the Common Core State Standards Systems Implementation – Significant Milestones Timeline. This is an interactive timeline, which allows users to find out more information by selecting the significant milestone they would like to learn more about. On this timeline each major statewide implementation project is laid out. Hovering over these milestones, you will notice the blue shading, which means there is more information available. For example, you can see the blue shading while hovering over the November 2013 bubble. This is when the revised mathematics framework will be available. Selecting this bubble will bring the user to the timeline for the mathematics framework revision. This timeline is also hyperlinked for more information. If you select the July 2012 bubble, which is when the State Board of Education appointed the Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee, or CFCC, you will be linked to the list of appointed members. Going back to the project timeline page, you will find other helpful elements. Each project timeline includes a related content link towards the bottom of the page. This link will take you to the main page for information about this project. Also, every CDE page includes a questions line at the bottom with information about who to contact if you have any questions. Just above each project timeline there is a link back to the main significant milestones timeline. These timelines are updated frequently as more information becomes available. This is a useful resource for users trying to gain a better understanding of the big picture of Common Core implementation as well as a better understanding of the many pieces involved in implementation.

Now, returning to the CCSS main page, there are a few resources you should not miss. All resources posted on this Web page have been reviewed for quality. Here are few highlights of the more widely used resources. 

One of the most popular resources is the Grade Level Curriculum I mentioned before. On this page you will find links to the published document as well as shorter prepublication versions for each grade. This page also includes links to the GLC Webinar series, short informational videos introducing the K–8 documents.

The subject specific pages are also very popular and include ever-expanding collections of resources from local and national implementation partners. For instance, on these pages you will find links to the Achieve the Core Web site, a site created by the authors of the Common Core Standards, that includes high quality implementation tools, webinars, and professional learning modules.

Also, on these pages you will find excellent resources from county offices of education, subject matter projects, and national professional organizations.

Any link posted in the last 60 days will have a bold, red “New” typed in the description.

[Updated June 2019]

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