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Assessment Spotlight, Issue 12

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) email update, September 19, 2018.

Focusing on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) System and English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC)—and including, when timely, updates on California’s other statewide assessments.

New Two-Step Authentication Logon Process for TOMS

The CAASPP System logon process now provides an additional level of security through a process called two-step authentication. Upon first use of the Test Operations Management System (TOMS), users are now prompted to request a security code that will be sent to their email address. Once received, the code must be entered within 15 minutes to gain access to TOMS.

TOMS users will be required to enter the code once per browser and device. If, however, the browser’s cache has been cleared since last logon, reauthentication will be required.

Reminder: Planned CALPADS Downtime for System Updates

Plans to move the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) into the cloud, update the user interface, and redesign the security model require a short downtime period for CALPADS. In order for these improvements to be made, CALPADS is scheduled to go offline from September 21 through October 1, 2018. Local educational agencies (LEAs) are encouraged to obtain all necessary Statewide Student Identifiers before this downtime in order to continue to enter Initial ELPAC results into the Local Scoring Tool. More information can be found in issue 11 of the Assessment Spotlight.

New Manuals for the Summative Assessments

The following manuals for the 2018–19 CAASPP administration were published recently and are linked on the CAASPP website External link opens in new window or tab.:


The 2018–19 Online Student Test Settings template and 2018–19 Individual Student Assessment Accessibility Profile (ISAAP) tool are now available on the Student Accessibility Resource and Test Settings web page External link opens in new window or tab.. The template can be used to assign designated supports and accommodations for CAASPP testing. The ISAAP tool is for use in the ISAAP process, which represents a thoughtful and systematic approach to addressing student access needs concerning the CAASPP summative assessments.

CSA Field Test Under Way

The CSA field test began on September 17 and ends on October 12. We greatly appreciate the participation of the 97 LEAs that volunteered to administer the field test and extend our thanks to them for embarking in this phase of test development in preparation for the operational CSA.

For the LEAs participating in the CSA field test, a reminder that the CSA training test is available online through the “Practice & Training Test” link on the CAASPP website External link opens in new window or tab., and the scoring guides for the training test can be found on the CSA web page External link opens in new window or tab.. The training test is available to students, parents/guardians, LEA staff, and anyone else who is interested in examples of the questions on the CSA. It does not require a secure browser or test administrator, and anyone can access them using a regular web browser.

CSA Data Review Meeting This Fall

To support the implementation of the operational CSA, Educational Testing Service (ETS) will host the CSA Data Review Meeting at the ETS offices in Sacramento. This two-day meeting, which will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on November 5 and 6, is intended for educators who have knowledge of the California Common Core State Standards en Español, are familiar with the CSA, and work with students who will be taking the CSA. During the meeting, participants will review item statistics obtained from the CSA field test and make determinations as to the inclusion of items in the item bank for the operational CSA.

To register for the CSA Data Review Meeting, please complete the online registration form External link opens in new window or tab..

New ELPAC Resource

Now available—the LEA ELPAC Coordinator Checklist! This useful resource provides a detailed list of tasks to complete before, during, after, and beyond testing to ensure a successful ELPAC administration.

 ELPAC Student Data Extract Report Coming Soon!

The California Department of Education is developing a student data extract report for LEAs to use to access last year’s results for newly enrolled students who tested in a previous LEA. In October 2018, this extract report will be available to download from TOMS.

ELPAC Question Corner

  • Are the threshold scores for the Initial ELPAC Student Score Reports different for every grade level?

    No. The threshold scores for the Initial ELPAC are the same for every grade/grade span. These threshold scores are available in TOMS under the Help tab. Select “Local Scoring Tool” to find the Initial ELPAC conversion tables for each grade/grade span.

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