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AAV July 2009 Waiver Item 29 Attachment 3

This page is an accessible alternate version (AAV) of the State Board of Education July 2009 Waiver Item 29 Attachment 3 (PDF; 53KB; 1pp.).

Siskiyou County of Education


District: Bogus Elementary School
Reportable Condition: Instructional Time / State Code 40000
Condition: 40000 (2008-1)
Page No: 49


The District's first through sixth grade classes did not meet the instructional minute requirement for the
2007/2008 year.

The District was short by 880 minutes in each grade level listed above.

The District is subject to an instructional time penalty for not offering the 58.080 minutes requirement
for the first through sixth grades. The schedule below shows the amount of questioned costs the
District is required to return to the California Department of Education.

Number of minutes short: 880
Divided by number of required minutes: 58,080
Total ADA per grade span: 8.53
Total penalty per ADA: 0.02
Multiplied by deficit base revenue limit per ADA (S6,556.82): 131.14
Total Penalty due to CDE: $1,118,59

Describe specific corrective action used in resolving audit finding.
Bogus ESD will be filing a waiver for the missed 880 minutes as noted above. In addition Bogus
Elementary School has changed it's calendar and bell schedule to reflect the required 58080
instructional minutes for grades 1-6. The Bogus School Board will be approving the waiver as well
as the new calendar and bell schedule at our next board meeting which will be held February 10, 2009
@ 4:00 o-clock p.m.

Please see attached revised, proposed calendar and bell schedule.

Questions: State Board of Education | 916-319-0827 
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
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