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AAV July 2009 Waiver Consent Item 4 Attachment 3

This page is an accessible alternate version (AAV) of the State Board of Education July 2009 Waiver Consent Item 4 Attachment 3 (PDF; 44KB; 1pp.).

Hughson Unified School District

State Awards Findings and Questioned Costs
For the Year Ended June 30, 2008

The following findings represent instances of noncompliance and/or questioned costs relating to State program laws and regulations. The findings have been coded as follows:

Five Digit Code: 40000
AB 3627 Finding Type: State Compliance

2008-1 40000


School Distrcits that certify to the Superintendent of Public Instruction that they offered at least the minimum number of annual instructional minutes will receive additional funding as specified in Education Code 46201. That minimum is 36,000 for kindergarten at Hughson Unified School District.


When recalculating the District's kindergarten annual instructioanl minutes, we determined taht the annual minutes offered (for both the AM and PM Kindergarten) were below the 36,000 annual instructional minutes minimum requirement by 510 minutes.


The questioned cost generated from the annual minutes shortage is $12,996.23 (determined using the penalty calculation worksheet on the CDE website).


The District did not exclude lunch time in its calculation of annual minutes for kindergarten.


The State Board of Education may grant a waiver of the penalties if the site, in the year immediately following the shortage, maintains minutes equal tot he shortage in additional to their annual mintues requirement (i.e.36,510) and the minutes are maintaned for twice the number of years that the site failed to maintain the minimum annual minutes requirement. The District should apply for a waiver and maintain the additional required minutes for an additional two years.

District Response

The District has corrected the instructional minutes for Kindergarten. Each year the insturctional minutes will be checked by the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction/Personnel.

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