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AAV of SBE Item W-1 Attachment 7

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of Item W-1 Attachment 7 from the November 9-10, 2011 California State Board of Education (SBE) meeting.

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of Item W-1 Attachment 7 from the November 9-10, 2011 State Board of Education (SBE) meeting. The scanned Item W-1 Attachment 7 (PDF; 854KB; 1p.) version is considered to be the official version of the document.

Aspire California College Preparatory Academy
School Calendar for 2011-2012

Month of July 2011
  • July 1st to 25th Not in Session
  • July 26th First Day Teacher Work year
  • July 26th to 27th Staff Retreat/Prep (Draft)
  • July 28th to 29th Staff Work Day
  • July 2011 Instructional Days is 0
Month of August 2011
  • August 1st to 5th Staff Work Day (Draft)
  • August 8th First Day of School
  • August 8th to 11th In Session
  • August 12th Minimum Day
  • August 15th to 18th In Session
  • August 19th Minimum Day
  • August 20th Saturday School
  • August 22nd to 25th In Session
  • August 26th Minimum Day
  • August 29th To 31st In Session
  • August 2011 Instructional Days is 18
Month of September 2011
  • September 1st In Session
  • September 2nd Minimum Day
  • September 5th Labor Day
  • September 6th to 8th In Session
  • September 9th Minimum Day
  • September 12th to 15th In Session
  • September 16th Staff Work Day
  • September 19th to 22nd In Session
  • September 23rd Minimum Day
  • September 26th to 29th In Session
  • September 30th Minimum Day
  • September 30th Term End of Quarter 1
  • September 2011 Instructional Day is 20
Month of October 2011
  • October 3rd to 7th Fall Break
  • October 10th to 13th In Session
  • October 12th Testing PSAT (10th Grade)
  • October 14th Minimum Day
  • October 17th to 19th Minimum Days
  • October 20th In Session
  • October 21st Minimum Day
  • October 24th to 27th In Session
  • October 28th Minimum Day
  • October 2011 Instructional Days is 16
Month of November 2011
  • November 1st to 2nd Testing CAHSEE (11th and 12th Grade)
  • November 1st to 3rd In Session
  • November 4th Minimum Day
  • November 7th to 10th In Session
  • November 11th Veteran’s Day
  • November 14th to 17th In Session
  • November 18th Minimum Day
  • November 21st to 25th Thanksgiving Holiday
  • November 28th to 30th In Session
  • November 2011 Instructional Days is 16
Month of December 2011
  • December 1st In Session
  • December 2nd Minimum Day
  • December 5th to 8th In Session
  • December 9th Minimum Day
  • December 12th to 16th In Session
  • December 16th Term end of Quarter 2/Semester 1
  • December 19th to January 6th Winter Break
  • December 2011 Instructional Days is 12
Month of January 2012
  • January 9th Staff Work Day
  • January 10th to 12th In Session
  • January 13th Minimum Day
  • January 16th MLK Jr. Holiday
  • January 17th In Session
  • January 18th to 20th Minimum Days
  • January 23rd to 26th In Session
  • January 27th Minimum Day
  • Jauary 30th to 31st In Session
  • January 2012 Instructional Days is 15
Month of February 2012
  • February 1st In Session
  • February 2nd Minimum Day
  • February 6th to 9th In Session
  • February 10th Minimum Day
  • February 13th to 17th In Session
  • February 20th Presidents Day
  • February 21st to 23rd In Session
  • February 24th Minimum Day
  • February 27th to 29th In Session
  • February 2012 Instructional Days is 20
Month of March 2012
  • March 1st In Session
  • March 2nd Minimum Day
  • March 5th to 9th In Session
  • March 9th Term End of Quarter 3
  • March 12th to 15th In Session
  • March 13th to 14th Testing CAHSEE (10th Grade – 12th Grade)
  • March 16th Minimum Day
  • March 19th to 22nd In Session
  • March 23rd Minimum Day
  • March 26th to April 6th Spring Break
  • March 2012 Instructional Days is 17
Month of April 2012
  • April 9th to 12th In Session
  • April 13th Minimum Day
  • April 16th to 19th In Session
  • April 20th Minimum Day
  • April 23rd to 26th In Session
  • April 27th Minimum Day
  • April 30th In Session
  • April 2012 Instructional Days is 16
Month of May 2012
  • May 1st to 3rd In Session
  • May 4th Minimum Day
  • May 7th to 11th In Session
  • May 7th to 11th Testing CST
  • May 14th to 17th In Session
  • May 18th Minimum Day
  • May 21st to 24th In Session
  • May 25th Minimum Day
  • May 28th Memorial Day
  • May 29th to 31st In Session
  • May 2012 Instructional Days is 22
Month of June 2012
  • June 1st to 12th Minimum Days
  • June 12th Last Day of School
  • June 2012 Instructional Days is 8
192 Total Teacher Work Days
  • 180 Total Instructional Days
  • 1 Day of Saturday School
  • 11 Non-student Teacher Work Days


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