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Goals of the Curriculum Commission for 2007

Letter Head: Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Phone number 916-319-0800

Goals of the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission for 2007 calendar year

Executive Committee:
  1. Continue to develop priorities for commissioner training, as needed, and within state budget funding capacity.
  2. Continue to develop strategies to connect standards, curriculum, professional development, and assessment.
  3. Remain informed about issues of instructional materials, including Title 5 Regulations and disseminate all information to the full Commission.
  4. Update the Handbook on the Organization and Operation of the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission.
Electronic Learning Resources Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Remain informed on the following issues:
    • National and statewide efforts with regards to emerging electronic learning technologies and systems.
    • Availability and implementation of instructional materials and courses offered online.
    • California Learning Resources Network (CLRN) project.
    • Electronic components of adopted programs on the CFIR Price List and Order Forms (PLOF) Web page.
  2. Liaisons from this committee to other educational technology groups report to the committee as appropriate.
Foreign Language Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Remain informed of the status of the development of Foreign language Content Standards
  2. Begin planning for the development of the 2009 or 2010 Foreign Language Framework.
Health Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Review and provide input on the content standards for health education while the SBE is in the process of adopting them.
  2. Begin discussion on how to modify the Framework to incorporate the SBE-adopted health education standards and develop the criteria for evaluating instructional materials for the 2012 adoption.
  3. Review and provide comments on all other CDE health publications.
History-Social Science Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Begin preparatory work for the revision of the History–Social Science Framework, which will be brought to the State Board of Education for approval no later than May 2009.
  2. Prepare for possible follow-up adoption in 2008.
  3. Review the California Native Americans Supplemental Instructional Materials, if the curriculum is complete and funding is provided in the 2007-08 budget, and request that the State Librarian report on the progress of the curriculum at each Commission meeting.
Mathematics Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Conduct the 2007 Mathematics Primary Adoption, including facilitating the training for reviewers, deliberations, and finalizing recommendations for adoption to the full Curriculum Commission and State Board of Education.
  2. Continue recruiting Content Review Panel (CRP) experts for the 2007 Mathematics Adoption.
Physical Education Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Continue to monitor and provide guidance and support for the Curriculum Framework and Criteria Committee (CFCC).
  2. Review and revise CFCC’s draft revision of the Framework.
  3. Present and draft Framework to the Curriculum Commission for field review.
  4. Solicit comments on the draft Framework during a 60-day field review.
Reading/Language Arts/English Language Development (RLA/ELD) Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Assist the CDE in the dissemination of the Reading/Language Arts Framework.
  2. Prepare for the 2008 RLA/ELD Primary Adoption, with the following activities:
    • Dissemination of the IMAP and CRP applications
    • Recruitment of the IMAPs and CRPs
    • Review and select IMAPs and CRPs for SBE appointment
    • Continue to conduct publisher briefings on the updated RLA/ELD evaluation criteria for publishers
  3. Remain informed on the academic needs of all students with the intent of closing the achievement gap, focusing on English learners, students with disabilities, struggling readers, and students who use African-American vernacular English.
Science Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Remain informed on issues that affect curriculum, assessment, professional development, and instructional materials in science.
Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Subject Matter Committee:
  1. Remain informed on issues that affect curriculum, assessment, professional development, and instructional materials in visual and performing arts.
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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