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CNAC Meeting Minutes for March 22, 2006

Child Nutrition Advisory Council

An Advisory Body to the State Board Of Education
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
9:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 3102
Sacramento, CA  95814

Members Present
Name Representing
Richard Greene (Chair) School Nutrition Services Director
Rob Challinor Curriculum Coordinator
Phyllis Bramson- Paul (Executive Secretary) California Department of Education (CDE), Nutrition Services Division (NSD)
Donnell Ewert School Board Member
Paul Gardner III Student Representative/Board of Education Liaison
Melodee Lopez Lay Representative
Gini Natali PTA Representative
LeAnn Onasch School Food Service Supervisor/Manager
Lucy McProud Nutrition Education Health Specialist
Molly West Nutrition Education Specialist
Name Representing
Yvonne Chan SBE Member/Liaison
Betty Hennessy Physical Education/Activity
John Peukert School Business Officials
Name Representing
West Ramsey

Special Assistant, NSD, CDE

Rebecca Parker Education Program Consultant, California SBE
Carolyn Roberts Learning Support & Partnerships Division
Mary Marks Learning Support & Partnerships Division
Gail Brodie Child Development Division
Members Absent
Name Representing
Lloyd Porter (Vice Chair) Classroom Teacher
Paula James Child Care Food Program

Call to Order (Richard Greene)

Mr. Richard Greene, Child Nutrition Advisory Council (CNAC) Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:20 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.

All members and guests introduced themselves.

Approval of Agenda
The agenda was reviewed, and a motion was made and passed. The Chair retained his right to change the order of business as necessary.

Approval of February 8, 2006 Meeting Minutes
The Council reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve the February 8, 2006 meeting minutes as drafted.

Public Comment


Nutrition Services Update

Implementation of SB 281
The emergency regulations needed to implement SB 281 were adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE) and accepted by the Office of Administrative Law (OAL). The California Fresh Start Pilot (CFS) Program became effective on March 17, 2006.

Phyllis reviewed the amendments made by the SBE and the OAL prior to the approval of the emergency regulations. Phyllis also stated that the public hearing will be on May 2, and that NSD will then respond to the public comments received.

The Council reiterated its position that the regulations should reflect that canned, dried and frozen fruit should not include any added sugar and asked that Richard Greene send a letter to the SBE.

Guest Speakers

Briefing sessions related to the goals and objectives: “health standards” and “Preschool for All”.

Caroline Roberts, CDE Learning Support & Partnership Division
Caroline spoke briefly about health standards:

  • Health Framework for California Public Schools;
  • Coordinated School Health is a nationwide program;
  • Nutrition is the best represented of the nine areas included in the framework. She commented that Rob Challinor was a liaison on the Superintendent’s Obesity Task Force and made a recommendation for Health Education Standards. The Task Force’s recommendation resulted in the Superintendent’s and CDE’s support of legislation to require that the SBE adopt such standards.

Mary Marks, CDE Learning Support & Partnership Division
Mary spoke briefly about:

  • AB 689 which requires the SBE to adopt Standards for Health Education;
  • How the standards will encompass kindergarten through high school.

Mary stated that Council members can e-mail to sign up for updates and stated that CDE would welcome the Council’s reviewing the health standards in draft form and providing input; please visit Health Ed Content Standards.

Action Item

West will provide Mary with e-mail list to add council members to the list serve address.

The Health Education Standards group is reviewing the Nutrition Competencies by Grade Level (developed under contract with UCD/field testing). The committee recognizes that knowledge is not enough and students need the opportunity to practice skills.

The question was raised as to whether health nutrition questions could be included in standardized testing. Mary stated that a law would have to be passed by the Legislature in order for this to occur.

It was suggested that someone from Curriculum and Instruction attend a future meeting to address standards and frameworks for classrooms as schools are currently facing a challenge in this area.

Action Item

As part of goal – someone from CNAC may want to join public meetings – a liaison is welcome to attend (Caroline and/or Mary are available for future updates as needed).

Gail Brodie, Child Development Division
Gail spoke about preschool standards and reported that activities are currently suspended.

Gail gave an overview:

  • California Child Care Health Line – This free service offers information to parents, teachers, license exempt child care providers and licensed providers on the varied topics including child development, nutrition, immunizations, feeding, oral health, and safety. Health nurses are available for technical assistance. A Web site and newsletter are also available.
  • California Infant/Toddler Guidelines includes information on nutrition and will be released after July 2006.
  • Subsidized child care centers participate in the Food and Nutrition program and include nutrition component
  • Federal Childcare money ($500,000) has been given to CDE Nutrition services by Child Development and is being used for one-time training and resources for childcare.

Nutrition Services Update (continued)

School Design (SNBD)
The final document was given to Council members. Phyllis gave an overview of Superintendent O’Connell’s press conference to release the document and discussed what is covered in the document. Phyllis also mentioned the workshops that will be occurring throughout the state in April and May regarding School Design (PDF; 1MB).

Action Item

A follow-up report was requested by council to members as to the outcome of the workshops - who attended, how many attended, what was the reaction of participants. To be provided at June 21, 2006 meeting.

Phyllis stressed that Superintendent O’Connell will continue to discuss SNBD with superintendents and school staff on a continuing basis.

It was recommended by LeAnn Onisch that CNAC/CDE obtain the support of the Association of California School Administrators for SNBD as many school administrators then would be more likely to follow SNBD recommendations.

School Nutrition Association Legislative Action Conference Update
A position paper used in congressional staff meetings spoke to meal reimbursement and a possible study to look at reimbursement/cost of living increases.

SB 1674 (Murray)
$.10 increase for meal reimbursement – Senator Murray has committed to getting this bill passed and to the Governor for signature and will be part of budget negotiations (CDE and CSNA will be cosponsors)

Implementation of SB 281 (continued)
Further discussion ensued regarding the SB 281 emergency regulations and what the permanent regulations should look like. Council members supported “priority” as currently written in the emergency regulations.

Council members recommended striking the USDA Buying Guide from the regulations and replacing it with a definition of nutritious.

It was motioned and approved unanimously to recommend the following in regards to the definition of nutritious:

Page 2 letter (o): “Nutritious fruits or vegetables” means fruits or vegetables that are fresh, or that are canned, dried, or frozen and contain no added sweeteners other than juices.

Richard stated that he will prepare and send a letter to SBE board members to make this recommendation.

Some members of the Council indicated that there should be input on the definition of ‘Serving’, Page 2, letter (q). Phyllis and Richard stated that the Council should think about this and make a recommendation to the SBE through public comment as individuals instead of formal input from the Council.

Action Item

NSD to send an e-mail providing a link to the regulations and who to contact to submit public comment period to the council members immediately following the meeting.

Council Business (Richard Greene)

Review of CNAC Bylaws
Proposed changes to CNAC Bylaws regarding attendance and amendments to bylaws (see attached); motioned and passed by the council.

Action Item

Changes in Bylaws should be presented to the SBE in the May meeting.

Review of Goals & Objectives
Discussion of the top four goals and objectives as identified in the last meeting occurred. Richard stated that the goals and objectives are a vehicle to come up with measurable results. Discussion occurred as to whether these should be adopted as formal goals and objectives; it was also suggested that these be included in the annual report. It was motioned and approved to adopt the goals as revised (see below for 1 –5) and to include CA Fresh Start. The other three goals discussed and included in the goals document will be adopted once the name of CNAC has been changed as previously discussed.

  • Goal 1: Advise CDE and SBE in developing and implementing regulations and accountability measures affecting nutrition standards and federal policies on food sold in competition with reimbursable meals.
  • Goal 2: Support the development, adoption, implementation and monitoring of the District Wellness Policy within the context of Coordinated School Health.
  • Goal 3: Support adoption of health education standards that include nutrition education.
  • Goal 4: Ensure that effective nutrition education and physical activity guidelines and standards are included in the preschool program.
  • Goal 5: Support the implementation and efforts to sustain the California Fresh Start Program.

CNAC Meeting Calendar

Next meeting: June 21

Richard recommended that the council meet 1 – 2 weeks following SBE meetings. Council members concurred. This would require a July meeting.

Action Item

Council to review proposed meeting dates for the next 12 months at the June 21 meeting.

Final Business (Richard Greene)

Recommendations to have a liaison participate in the Health Education Standards Committee with Mary Marks – Richard is going to call Mary to get more information as to what the liaison expectations would be. Molly West is a possible person to consider.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned early at 3:15 p.m.

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