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CNAC Meeting Minutes for August 3, 2006


Child Nutrition Advisory Council

An Advisory Body to the State Board Of Education
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 3, 2006
9:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 1101
Sacramento, CA 95814

Members Present
Name Representing
Richard Greene (Chair) School Nutrition Services Director
Donnell Ewert School Board Member
Rob Challinor Curriculum Coordinator
Paula James Child Care Food Program

Melodee Lopez

Lay Representative

Gini Natali

PTA Representative

LeAnn Onasch School Food Service Supervisor/Manager
Lucy McProud Nutrition Education Health Specialist
Molly West Nutrition Education Specialist
Advisors Present
Name Representing

Yvonne Chan

SBE Member/Liaison

John Peukert

School Business Official

Guests Present
Name Representing

West Ramsey

Special Assistant, NSD, CDE

Lenin Del Castillo CDE, Governmental Affairs
Lupita Acalá CDE, Governmental Affairs
Members Absent
Name Representing

Lloyd Porter (Vice Chair)

Classroom Teacher

Phyllis Bramson-Paul (Executive Secretary) California Department of Education (CDE), Nutrition Services Division (NSD)

Betty Hennessy

Physical Education/Activity

Paula James Child Care Food Program

Call to Order (Richard Greene)

Mr. Richard Greene, Child Nutrition Advisory Council (CNAC) Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:25 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


All members and guests introduced themselves.

Public Comment

No comment given.

Approval of June 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

The agenda was reviewed and approved by unanimous vote. The Chair retained his right to change the order of business as necessary.

Nutrition Services Division (NSD) Update – Barbara Longo, Staff Services Manager II, NSD (On Behalf of Phyllis Bramson-Paul)

Barbara spoke briefly to the members about the following:

SB 1674 – Barbara explained that a deal has been struck for meal reimbursement; retroactive to July 1, 2006.

SB 281 Fresh Start Regulations – The California Fresh Start Program regulations were passed by the State Board of Education and sent to Office of Administrative Law (OAL) for review. OAL has 30 days to review the regulations before sending to the Secretary of State for filing. NSD is promoting the Fresh Start Program and working on a list of comprehensive questions and answers to clarify information for school districts. NSD is also working on an online training program that is being contracted through CalPro-Net.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Pilot Program – The U.S. Senate Appropriations bill adds California to this pilot program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program provides approximately $1 million to be used at 25 schools in California to provide fresh fruits and vegetables (not as part of a school meal). Ten percent of the funds may be used for administrative costs – waivers are available for schools that need start-up funds.

SB12/SB 965 Workshops – The California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division (NSD) is partnering with the California School Nutrition Association to put on a series of workshops, focusing on the implementation of the new food and beverage standards required by SB 12 and SB 965. NSD will be conducting regional workshops beginning this fall.

Guest Speaker - Diane Wilson-Graham

Diane spoke about the physical education bill (SB 362) as previously requested by the Council. SB 362 seeks to amend the education code so that decisions regarding physical education instruction can be made with educational criteria, rather than arbitrary criteria based on age and grade level alone. By deleting the permanent exemption from physical education if the student is 16 and has completed the tenth grade, local schools can make responsible decisions regarding physical education instruction and the current and long term health of their students. In addition, current law allows for the administration of the physical fitness test beyond the 9th grade level and students would be eligible for additional opportunities to pass the fitness tests in subsequent years. This bill also proposed to eliminate a current local exemption from physical education during the time a student is enrolled in automobile drivers training instruction.

Diane stated that the current bill, SB 362 contains the same language as SB 78, chaptered in 2003. Diane stated that the bill will change the Fitnessgram requirement start date to 2009. She also stated that current law states that students must have 400 minutes every 10 days and that the bill adds content standards to physical education.

Diane stated that five items included in SB 362 are:

  1. Hiring physical education teachers in elementary schools;
  2. Implementing physical education professional development;
  3. Adding items for review in physical education programs;
  4. Adding physical education as a core subject;
  5. Closing a loop hole on physical fitness testing accountability and high school physical education requirements.

Discussion ensued regarding the money in the budget for use for hiring credential physical education teachers for elementary schools. 

The Council discussed the minimum requirements of instruction and the fact that there is not enough time in the school day to accommodate all that needs to be taught. Yvonne Chan stated that Prop 49 money for after-school programs could allow schools to extend the school day. 

The Council would like to provide recommendations to the SBE regarding minutes, extending the day and or year as it relates to physical education and providing adequate meal time and in order to accommodate all of the minimum requirements.

CNAC Name Change

Lupita Alcala from the California Department of Education, Government Affairs Office spoke to the Council regarding its desire to change its name to the Child Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Council in order to reflect its inclusion of physical education issues. Lupita stated that the change could be made through either a technical or policy bill. The change was submitted but not accepted by the technical committee due to opposition to expansion of the scope of the Council. Lupita stated that she believes the Council can include the scope without changing the name and that it would be much easier to add the language “but not limited to” in regards to the number of members. 

There was much discussion about the pros and cons of changing the name and the scope of the Council.

Melodee Lopez made a motion to not change the name of the Council and utilize the physical education advisory members as currently utilized.

The Council unanimously voted to not pursue the name change. 

Review of Health Education Standards

Input was provided by Margaret Aumann of the Nutrition Services Division regarding NSD’s review of the Health Education Standards. 

The Council members reviewed both the Health Education Standards and the recommendations from NSD.

Council members unanimously decided that they would like to provide public comment stating that they support NSD’s recommendations for the Health Education Standards. The Council also voted to add comments addressing the issues of structural minutes, length of day, or the length of year being lengthened in order to accommodate the minimum requirements.

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Friday, September 29, 2017
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