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CNAC Meeting Minutes for June 3, 2013


Child Nutrition Advisory Council

An Advisory Body to the State Board Of Education

Meeting Minutes

June 3, 2013

Members Present

Carol Chase Huegli, Clell Hoffman, Lucy McProud, Trish Vance, Colleen You, Marni Posey, Lawrence Herrera, and Barbara Rohrer

State Board of Education Member Liaison

Niki Sandoval

Representative for the State Board of Education

Beth Rice

Members Absent

Caroline Danielson, Nori Grossmann, and Soo Zee Park

Also Present—California Department of Education

Mike Danzik, Grace Huppert, Sean Hardin, Karen Bertram, and Heather Reed

Call to Order

Larry (Larry) Herrera, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:12 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of Agenda

Lucy McProud moved to approve the agenda for June 3, 2013, and Colleen You seconded the motion. The Child Nutrition Advisory Council (CNAC) voted to approve the June 3, 2013, agenda.

Approval of Minutes

Lucy McProud moved to approve the minutes of the April 22, 2013, meeting. Marni Posey seconded the motion. The CNAC voted to approve the minutes of the April 22, 2013, meeting.

There was no public comment.

Agenda Items

Item 1

Niki Sandoval was connected to the meeting via conference call.

Subject: NSD Director's Update

From the Nutrition Services Division (NSD), Carol Chase Huegli, Associate Director, provided information about Director Updates.

Ms. Chase Huegli informed the CNAC that Sandip Kaur testified at a Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education hearing where she shared the need for more staff with an accounting background to better address cafeteria fund monitoring. The NSD will not be hiring any more Child Nutrition Consultants at this time.

The NSD has a work group to analyze the new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Administrative Review, intended to streamline the process with increased integrity, especially in the area of resource management.

Item 2

Grace Huppert, Nutrition Education Consultant (NEC), discussed using Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program.

Subject: Using Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program

Ms. Huppert provided information about an internal workgroup that has been convened to establish NSD’s Salad Bar Policy based on the USDA’s recent policy memo. The memo addresses a number of topics, including point of service (POS), food safety, portion sizes and meal components, etc. for the school meal programs. The workgroup will determine NSD’s policy regarding allowable options for salad bars positioned after the POS. The workgroup devised alternatives to resolve some of these issues. Ms. Huppert is drafting a Management Bulletin incorporating the workgroup’s recommendations. Some recommendations were also offered to Ms. Huppert by the CNAC.

CNAC Recommendations: Approve recommendation from the CNAC to integrate best practice examples from Marni Posey and Clell Hoffman into the Management Bulletin.

ACTION: Member Lucy McProud moved to approve the CNAC staff recommendations.

Member Marni Posey seconded the motion.

Yes votes: Carol Chase Huegli, Clell Hoffman, Barbara Rohrer, Colleen You, Marni Posey, Larry Herrera, Trish Vance, and Lucy McProud

No votes: None.

Members Absent: None.

Abstentions: None.

The motion passed with eight votes.

Item 3
Subject: Legislative Updates

From the NSD, Carol Chase Huegli, Mike Danzik, NEC, and Sean Hardin, AGPA, provided information about Senate Bill (SB) 622, Assembly Bill (AB) 626, and SB 302, and the Council members discussed each bill.

SB 622—Soda Tax (Monning)

Ms. Chase Huegli explained that SB 622 (Soda Tax), which proposes to impose a tax on every distributor of sweetened beverages at the rate of $.01 per fluid ounce (includes concentrates), is now a two year bill.

AB 626—Cafeteria Funds, Afterschool, and Competitive Foods (Skinner and Lowenthal)

Ms. Chase Huegli described AB 626. This department-sponsored bill is a cleanup bill designed to address three areas within the California Education Code: 1) cafeteria funds, 2) snacks and meals served in 21st Century and After School Education and Safety-funded afterschool programs, and 3) competitive foods and beverages. Regarding cafeteria funds, AB 626 intends to delete specific language that is in conflict with federal cafeteria fund-related regulations. Regarding afterschool programs, AB 626 intends to differentiate between the nutrition standards set for afterschool supper versus those set for afterschool snacks. Lastly, regarding competitive foods and beverages, Mr. Danzik mentioned that Education Code pertaining to competitive foods and beverages needs to be streamlined. For example, making the language and requirements consistent for compliant foods and beverages within elementary and secondary schools in the Education Code is a necessary change. However, Mr. Danzik said there is not much new information to this bill currently, but it is in the process of moving forward in making necessary changes.

SB 302—School Cafeterias: Cafeteria Fund (Cannella)

Mr. Hardin explained SB 302 (School Cafeterias: Cafeteria Fund). This non-sponsored bill would place into law the majority of recommendations found on pages 49 and 50 of the February 6, 2013, California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes of the Food Fight report (Report). These recommendations were to address the weaknesses and gaps in the oversight of cafeteria funds. The primary impetus for the Report is to protect the nonprofit school food service account (Cafeteria Fund) from being inappropriately charged for expenses that ought to be borne by the district.

Mr. Hardin addressed each amendment recommended in SB 302 and drew a correlation to the recommendations from the Report. These recommendations will either be added to, amended within, or repealed from the Education Code. Furthermore, the recommendations made in AB 626 and SB 302 do not result in a legislative overlap.

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.     


The CNAC adjourned for lunch at 11:55 a.m.

The meeting was reconvened at 1:05 p.m. after lunch.

Item 4

Ms. Sandoval was connected to the meeting via conference call.

Subject: Common Core Math Framework (Public Comments)

From the NSD, Heather Reed, NEC, provided information about the Common Core Math Framework and draft comments created with the help of Soo Zee Park, Nori Grossmann, and Chris Boynton. On behalf of the CNAC, Larry Herrera will submit these by June 17, 2013, for the public comment period for the Math Framework.

Ms. Reed explained that the workgroup process included looking at the various assessment questions and discussing two categories of recommended changes that could be made to incorporate nutrition education. To ensure that the CNAC was in agreement with all the recommendations, the CNAC discussed each one of the recommendations. The CNAC members all agreed that providing the specific examples/alternatives with the table was very helpful and more likely to result in changes in the Math framework. This could make the Common Core Math Framework committee more aware of the importance of including health and wellness. This way, the committee will make this an important part of their lens when writing questions in textbooks.

Some of the changes and revisions provided during the review included deleting or adding information. The CNAC proposed that the NSD team draft a cover letter to accompany the table of recommendations. The NSD will forward the final draft letter and table to Larry Herrera by Monday, June 10, 2013.

CNAC Recommendations: Approve proposed changes made to the drafts from the CNAC. Revise and finalize these to send to Larry Herrera as soon as possible with changes made. Larry Herrera will then send this packet out by June 17, 2013, for the public comment period for the Math Framework on behalf of CNAC to integrate nutrition education into common core standards.

ACTION: Member Lucy McProud moved to approve the CNAC staff recommendations with changes made.

Member Colleen You seconded the motion.

Yes votes: Carol Chase Huegli, Clell Hoffman, Barbara Rohrer, Colleen You, Marni Posey, Larry Herrera, Trish Vance, and Lucy McProud.

No votes: None.

Members Absent: None.

Abstentions: None.

The motion passed with eight votes.

Item 5
Subject: Nutrition at the Core Grant Proposal

Ms. Reed also talked about the progress of a 2013 USDA Team Nutrition Grant Proposal from the NSD. Ms. Chase Huegli stated that the NSD will be unable to submit the grant proposal because the NSD was not close enough in the specific scope to submit with full confidence. However, the NSD is planning to move forward with some of the components and will explore submitting this grant next year. This will provide ample time to better develop the project components. This proposal is to pilot implementation of food literacy focused on nutrition education in selected school districts. The focus is to prepare teachers to conduct nutrition education through summer institutes for teachers, and professional learning communities. These activities would help teachers review existing curricula and lesson plans and provide them with an opportunity to plan how they could integrate nutrition into their classrooms.

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.


Item 6
Subject: Team California For Healthy Kids Updates

From the Coordinated School Health and Safety Office (CSHSO), Karen Bertram, NEC, presented an update on various Team California for Healthy Kids (TCHK) projects.

Salad Bars: Ms. Bertram gave an updated report of the Salad Bar Press Event held in San Diego on May 15th, sponsored by United Fresh. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, spoke to attendees, and the 37 food service directors whose districts received donated salad bars were honored. Two CNAC members, Barbara Rohrer and Trish Vance, also attended the event and reported they enjoyed the event and that it was very exciting to be there. They said it was great to connect with other food service directors and state staff. Ms. Bertram noted there were no vendors of nutrition education at this conference.

The event was a culmination of the year-long Let’s Move Salad Bars to California Schools campaign, which raised money for a total of 436 salad bars (350 was the original goal). Over 100 different sponsors contributed funds for the salad bars. Some issues the CNAC raised as concerns were capturing the best successful practices, while still taking into consideration the physical limitations of some school districts and coming up with creative solutions to these limitations. Ms. Chase Huegli suggested including salad bars as an additional component in the Outreach Kit.

One possible source of funding for schools requesting a small number of salad bars is the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Colleen You stated that PTAs are in transition because of the school year ending, therefore it is hard to disseminate information to PTAs. Ms. You suggested that Karen Bertram could feature a section about Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools in the newsletters that they send out to PTAs by talking to the editors. Other comments regarding salad bars included the importance of comprehensive implementation.

Hydration: Ms. Bertram discussed the draft water hydration station report funded by The California Endowment (TCE). TCE is incorporating statewide comments on their draft report and it should be available shortly.

Pilot Projects: The Monterey and Santa Clara pilot counties are moving along quite well. Steering committees meet monthly to oversee comprehensive implementation plans.

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.          


Five minutes for CNAC Travel Information Chat from Michael Danzik.

Short Video from Karen Bertram on the Salad Bar Event presented by United Fresh

Item 7
Subject: Agenda for the September 16, 2013, Meeting

The following were suggested as agenda items:

  1. NSD Director’s Update, Legislative Updates: Update fund audits (Budget Change Proposals, Cafeteria Funds, etc.)
  2. Cafeteria Fund Management (Food Fight Report): How things are moving along, Updates, and Training/Monitoring Plan
  3. Food Service Management Contracts (Updating): Procedures and Feedback (Rebates)
  4. Salad Bar Implementation: Food Safety
  5. Contact person for Carol to bring in School Meals Programs Outreach Kit (National School Lunch Program education)
  6. Objectives for next year and looking back at old goals (i.e., Common Core): Digging deeper into Nutrition Education
  7. Agenda for the next meeting

Larry Herrera moved and Lucy McProud seconded that the meeting be adjourned.

The CNAC voted to adjourn at 2:32 p.m.

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
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