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CNAC Meeting Minutes for February 8, 2016

Child Nutrition Advisory Council

An Advisory Body to the State Board Of Education

Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2016

Members Present

Carol Chase Huegli, Lucy McProud, Lawrence Herrera, Dena Boortz, Barbara Rohrer,
Nori Grossmann, Cody Williams, Helen Chang, Caroline Danielson, and Clell Hoffman

State Board of Education Member Liaison

Feliza Ortiz-Licon

Representative for the State Board of Education

Kristin Wright

Members Absent


Also Present—California Department of Education

Sandip Kaur, Mike Danzik, Kim Frinzell, Alejandro Espinoza, Shawn Mainville,
Kim McCoy Wade, Bill Belon, Laura Gidding, and Sharon Ruzon

Call to Order

Clell Hoffman, vice chair, called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of Agenda

Dena Boortz moved to approve the agenda for February 8, 2016. Lucy McProud seconded the motion. The Child Nutrition Advisory Council (CNAC) voted to approve the February 8, 2016 meeting agenda.

Approval of Minutes for the December 7, 2015, CNAC meeting

Dena Boortz moved to approve the minutes, and Lucy McProud seconded the motion. The CNAC voted to approve the December 7, 2015, meeting minutes.

There was no public comment.

Agenda Items

Item 1

From the Nutrition Services Division (NSD), Sandip Kaur, Division Director

General Updates

Sandip Kaur shared the following NSD priorities for the year:

  • Continuing implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 with a focus on professional standards, local school wellness policies, the Child and Adult Care Food Program meal pattern, and the third year of the administrative review
  • Increasing meal participation across all programs and focusing on the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), Direct Certification and Medicaid Demonstration, and promoting AB 402
  • Providing oversight and guidance on procurement

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.

Action: None

Item 2

From the Public Policy Institute of California, Caroline Danielson, Lay Representative on the CNAC

From the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Kim McCoy Wade, CalFresh Branch Chief; Bill Belon, CalFresh Policy Unit Analyst; and Shawn Mainville, Staff Services Manager I

Subject: Food Security

Caroline Danielson shared a PowerPoint presentation on children’s participation in CalFresh and free school meals.

Kim McCoy Wade and Bill Belon presented a PowerPoint presentation on CalFresh and AB 402.

Ms. McCoy Wade shared that all eligible school-age children receive both free/reduced school meals and CalFresh and that CalFresh is at its highest enrollment ever. The governor’s January Budget proposes enrolling 400,000 more eligible children to CalFresh in the next two years, through streamlined connections to School Meals, WIC, and Medi-Cal.

Schools benefit from kids’ enrollment in CalFresh in that children will have improved health, nutrition, learning, and well-being; more children can “directly certify” for Free/Reduced Price school meals; and more schools can use “community eligibility” to enroll all students in free/reduced-price school meals.

An estimated 1.1 million students are participating in the Free School Meals via a household application (i.e. not directly certified from CalFresh).

In order to promote CalFresh in schools, posters were sent out to all schools in December 2015, and brochures and bookmarks for all students will be sent out in May 2015 to better address the summer hunger gap. CalFresh materials can always be downloaded from the CDSS CalFresh Outreach Resources Web page External link opens in new window or tab..

In addition to promoting CalFresh in schools, Ms. McCoy Wade also shared that the CDSS is working on expanding training programs and employment and training opportunities.

With the help of the CDE, a check box was added to the National School Lunch application in 2015 in order to link school meals enrollment to CalFresh enrollment.

Bill Belon shared that CalFresh outreach materials are not only distributed to Local Educational Agencies. Some farmers markets participate in and promote the program as well.

From the CDE Government Affairs Office, Alejandro Espinoza, Legislative Representative

Legislative Updates

Alejandro Espinoza provided a handout with legislative updates as of February 2016.

Most of the legislation featured is in its early stages, but Mr. Espinoza should have a complete list of bills for the April meeting.

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.

Action: None

Item 3

From the NSD, Kim Frinzell, Nutrition Education Administrator

Subject: Procurement Overview

Kim Frinzell requested that the members talk to their respective districts about procurement practices following the December 2015 CNAC meeting and report back at this meeting.

Three members reported on the best practices from their districts.

CNAC Recommendations: No recommendations, only discussion/information sharing.

Action: None

The CNAC adjourned for lunch at 11:55 p.m.

The meeting was reconvened at 12:55 p.m.

Item 4

From the NSD, Laura Gidding, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, and Sharon Ruzon, Staff Information Systems Analyst

Subject: CDE Nutrition Web Pages

Laura Gidding and Sharon Ruzon shared a PowerPoint presentation on the CDE Web site.

Ms. Gidding and Ms. Ruzon also provided an informal Web survey and a questionnaire for the CNAC members to complete and send to Delali Anumu.

CNAC Recommendations: Mr. Hoffman suggested that the A–Z index on the CDE Web site be changed to a directory with all department names.

Action: None

Item 5
Subject: Discussion with CNAC Members Regarding the Quantity of Meetings Throughout the Year

The topic of filling the vacant positions on the CNAC was discussed. There are currently three vacancies including the student representative position. Ms. Chase Huegli stated that filling CNAC vacancies requires resources from both the State Board of Education (SBE) office and the NSD.

Mr. Herrera would like to see the CNAC curriculum coordinator position filled, as it would help to maintain the integrity of the CNAC, which was composed to represent these specific voices.

Kristin Wright, representative from the SBE, stated that if the CNAC feels that they need that knowledge base represented, the SBE would take that into consideration and suggested advertising for all vacant positions at the same time.

Kristin Wright will talk with Sue Burr and report back at the next meeting.

At the April 2016 CNAC meeting, the council will continue to discuss the CNAC bylaws and the frequency of meetings, including determining the meeting dates for 2016–17.

The CNAC voted in favor of meeting in April as planned.

For future CNAC planning meetings, the NSD team will call Larry Herrera, so he can participate by phone.

The NSD will speak on verification at a future meeting and provide Ms. Ortiz-Licon with a copy of the comments on verification.

Carol to also speak to the CDE federal liaison, John Hooper, and they will follow up with Feliza.

CNAC Recommendations: No Recommendations

Action: None

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 3, 2017
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