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Senate Bill 70 and 1070 Program Summary

Information about Senate Bill 70 and Senate Bill 1070, the Governor's initiative on improving and strengthening career technical education.


In 2005, the Governor’s Initiative on Improving and Strengthening Career Technical Education (CTE) was successfully carried through Senate Bill (SB) 70 by Senator Scott. SB 70 allocated $20,000,000 from the Community College reversion account to be specifically used for the improving of CTE at both the community college and secondary level. The bill allowed for the California Department of Education (CDE) to be an active and full partner in the development of the plan to carry out this important initiative. Within CDE the CTE Leadership and Instructional Support (CTELIS) Office provides the leadership in this work. For the past 10 years, the CTELIS Office has met and conferred on the plan for the funds to be dispersed to the CTE field. In 2006, SB 1130 was signed by the Governor to continue this important work with additional funding for the next five years through the 2013–14 fiscal years. The original bill was reauthorized as SB 1070 with funding continuing through the 2016–17 fiscal year.


SB 1070, calls for the CTELIS Office staff and the Chancellor’s Office staff to regularly meet and plan for appropriate CTE funding priorities. These priorities now take the form of approximately 18 unique CTE proposals and grant opportunities to be funded at both community college and secondary levels. SB 70 was the first major state CTE legislation to trigger a true partnership between these two agencies. The CTELIS Office coordinates the development of creative and innovative concepts and funding opportunities to strengthen and improve the articulation of CTE in an organized seamless pattern. The CTELIS Office administered approximately 10 components in the 2015–16 fiscal year. Examples of SB 1070 elements include, but are not limited to, building upon existing programs and creating new ones to increase student participation in industry sector CTE programs at the high school and Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROCP) level, preparing middle schools to offer CTE awareness programs, studying methods of increasing CTE teacher availability from business and industry, and looking at methods to standardize articulation between community college, high school, and ROCP programs statewide.


Since its inception, SB 1070 has successfully served over 750,000 California middle school, high school, and community college students through a variety of investments designed to increase student success in college and career. With increased student success in secondary education and training for careers in high-need, high-growth, and industry sector CTE programs, hundreds of thousands of students will benefit from improved CTE programs.


SB 70 initially allocated $20,000,000. Subsequent legislation allocates $48,000,000 each year through the 2016–17 fiscal year. The CTELIS Office has allocated staff to the initiative through a combination of budget bill funding and the federal Carl D. Perkins grant.

Students Served

Hundreds of thousands of students will benefit from CTE programs and services funded by SB 1070 initiatives both at the secondary level and community college level through the 2016–17 fiscal year.

Contact Information

SB 1070, the Governor's Initiative on improving and strengthening CTE programs is administered by:

Michelle McIntosh, Education Administrator I

Career Technical Education Leadership and Instructional Support Office
Career and College Transition Division
California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Suite 4202
Sacramento, CA 95814

Questions: Michelle McIntosh | | 916-327-6367 
Last Reviewed: Thursday, August 18, 2016
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