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CPA Annual Conference 2019

California Partnership Academies information, forms, and deadlines related to the annual conference.

The 31st Annual California Partnership Academies (CPA) Conference will be held in collaboration with the Annual Educating for Careers Conference.

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March 03-05, 2019


Early information regarding this conference can be found at: Educating for Careers 2019 External link opens in new window or tab.


The California Partnership Academies/Educating for Careers Conference is an annual three-day professional development event surrounding career technical education (CTE). A variety of CTE delivery models, strategies, and Industry Sectors are represented in more than 170 breakout sessions offered over the course of this three-day conference.

Although education is facing great fiscal challenges nationally, and professional development funding has been scarce as a result, active stakeholders understand that continuing to improve classroom instruction and student achievement is critical to the future success of our nation. The intent of this conference is to offer high-quality, cost-effective professional development for all stakeholders with broad general breakout session themes such as: Assessment & Accountability; California Partnership Academies Model; Career Pathways/Industry Sectors; Curriculum & Instructional Strategies; Employer & Community Partnerships; Mentor & Internship Programs; Middle School Connections; Perkins Policy & Programs; Secondary-Postsecondary Connections; and Work-Based Learning, and address these needs via lively, practical workshops.

Questions:   California Partnership Academies | 916-319-0893
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