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Student Friendly Services Grant Summary


The primary purpose of the Student Friendly Services (SFS) grant is the development and oversight of the Web site, which is a major initiative of the California Education Round Table and an excellent example of higher education working with K-12 to promote access, awareness, and opportunity.


SFS is the first intersegmental collaboration to evolve from California Education Round Table initiatives. SFS was created to operate a Web site, which is a college and career planning resource for students, parents, teachers, and counselors. This easy-to-use Web site provides vital information regarding the many facets of college and career planning. The project is overseen by an intersegmental coordinating committee and subcommittee.


The SFS Web site provides students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators with valuable information about the college admissions process, financial aid opportunities, and career planning. The Web site provides a centralized location where information and services related to postsecondary in California can be accessed. Students are able to access number of planning tools ranging from Freshman Planners, Transfer Planner, Financial Aid Estimators and a variety of search tools.

Students Served

The External link opens in new window or tab. Web site is a student-centered site designed to meet the needs of all students, their families, counselors, and teachers.


SFS was created to operate an Internet Web site to provide students, parents, administrators, teachers, and counselors with access of post secondary options in California. The project is designed to improve outreach and admission services to perspective students, their families, and counselors.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 25, 2017