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AAV of Conceptual Shift 5 Chart

Accessible Alternative Version of conceptual shift 5 chart on page 94 of the Science Focus Group Report.

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the Chart on page 94 of the Science Focus Report (DOC).

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Students engage in the practices to build their own cognitive schema (construct meaning) to understand science content. Students study the meaning of science that teachers construct for them.
Students learn science as an iterative, dynamic, messy, creative, collaborative process similar to how real scientists and engineers do their work.

Students learn science as a linear, finished process using the "scientific method" disconnected from how real scientists and engineers do their work.

Practices provide students with relevant, real-world learning in which they must investigate and problem solve using critical thinking. Practices provide students with skills to conduct investigations often in step-by-step learning experiences.
Students build science understanding using a variety of practices in investigations, experiments, and project-based experiences Student use one practice per investigation/experiment.
Integration of science content with science and engineering practices. Science content and practices taught in isolation.
Student reasoning and argumentation play a central role in understanding labs and text. Student thinking is limited by a "cook book" approach to lab experiences, or end-of-the-chapter questions to test experiences.
Science notebooks reflect student thinking using the science and engineering practices to understand content. Science notebook reflects students' ability to take notes only or copy teacher models.
Engineering is integrated into all science disciplines. Engineering is treated as an add-on.
Use of practices allow students to revise their thinking and understanding. Use of practice as something to learn/apply and "be done."
Students are actively engaged in the practices through investigations and Students are passively engaged in watching or participating in teacher-
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