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Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
July 20, 2021

Dear California Basic Educational Data System Coordinators:

California Basic Educational Data System Fall 2021 Coordinator Contact Updates

The purpose of this letter is to provide a brief description of the California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) coordinator’s responsibilities and to ask each local educational agency (LEA) to review their designated CBEDS coordinator’s contact information and ensure that the information is up-to-date, or to designate a new coordinator, if necessary. This letter is also to notify all LEA’s that there are no changes to the 2021-22 CBEDS data collection.

CBEDS Coordinator Responsibilities

Each LEA is asked to designate a CBEDS Coordinator, who will be the California Department of Education’s (CDE’s) point of contact for any questions about the LEA’s CBEDS data. It is the CBEDS Coordinator’s responsibility to ensure that their LEA is prepared to meet the CBEDS data reporting requirements. It is also the Coordinator’s responsibility to hold necessary CBEDS training for LEA staff and to ensure a complete, accurate, and timely CBEDS data submission.

Charter schools who have elected to report their data independently of their authorizer will be responsible for submitting their CBEDS data directly to the CDE.

CBEDS Coordinator Contact Information

The CDE currently has the following contact information on file for your LEA CBEDS Coordinator. It is important to keep this information current, as it will be used to disseminate notifications and updates related to the CBEDS data collection. Please review and update the following information at your earliest convenience.

  • LEA Name:
  • CBEDS Coordinator:
  • Address:
  • City/Zip:
  • Phone:
  • Email:

To update CBEDS coordinator contact information:

  1. Go to the CDE CBEDS-Online Reporting Application (CBEDS-ORA) website at:
  2. Enter your user name and password and select the “Logon” button. You will find your user name and password in a separate email which will be provided shortly after the sending of this letter. (Note: User names and passwords are case sensitive.)
  3. Select the “Update User Information” option from the Main Menu.
  4. Make the appropriate updates, and submit the information.

Please note: If you oversee more than one LEA, only one email will be sent to you, which will contain information for just one LEA. If you need information, user names, or passwords for additional LEAs, please contact the CBEDS/CDS Support Office.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to working with your LEA as you prepare for the 2021-22 CBEDS data collection. Should you have any questions regarding the contents of this letter, please contact the CBEDS/CDS Support Office by phone at 916-324-6738 or by email at

Jerry Winkler, Director
Educational Data Management Division


County Superintendents
District Superintendents
Select Charter School Administrators

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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