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Historical CBEDS Forms and Manuals

Listing of California Basic Educational Data Systems (CBEDS) forms and administrative manuals from prior year data collections.

The CBEDS School Information Forms (SIF), County/District Information Forms (CDIF), and Administrative Manuals on this page are from current and prior year data collections. These forms and manuals are for your personal use only, and are available for your use as a historical reference when viewing CBEDS data from prior years. They are not to be printed out and used to submit your current CBEDS data.

CBEDS Materials

School Year School Forms County/District Forms Supplemental Forms Manuals
2018–19 SIF 2018
CDIF 2018
DOCS 2018
Administrative Manual 2018
2017–18 SIF 2017
CDIF 2017
N/A Administrative Manual 2017
2016–17 SIF 2016
CDIF 2016
N/A Administrative Manual 2016
2015–16 SIF 2015
CDIF 2015
N/A Administrative Manual 2015

Earlier Documents: CBEDS manuals (from 1979 onward) and other CBEDS archived material (including old forms from 1999 onward), are available electronically by contacting the CBEDS Team at

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 14, 2018
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