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Longitudinal Education Data Systems

Describes numerous efforts that are part of California's statewide K-12 education data system.

California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS)

CALPADS is the foundation of California's K–12 education data system. It maintains longitudinal, individual-level data including student demographic, program participation, grade level, enrollment, course enrollment and completion, discipline, state assessment, teacher assignment, and other data required to meet state and federal reporting requirements. Data are linked longitudinally using unique, non-personally identifiable Statewide Student Identifiers (SSIDs). Visit the CALPADS web page for more information.

California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS)

CBEDS is an annual data collection that is administered to meet various state and federal reporting mandates and collects data about schools and districts, as well as some aggregate data on students and staff. Visit the CBEDS web page for more information.

Data Submission Calendar for CALPADS, CBEDS, and the Consolidated Application Reporting System (CARS)

To view this calendar, visit the CALPADS, CBEDS, and CARS Submission Calendar web page.


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