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Accessible Version of the EDGO Model

The following is an accessible version of the Educational Data Governance (EDGO) Model.

This is an accessible version of the EDGO Model.

The model is graphically represented as a pyramid that is divided into four parts.

  1. The smallest top part of the pyramid is:
    1. Executive Steering Committee (ESC)
    2. Comprised of deputies
    3. Meets every two years
  2. The second part of the pyramid is:
    1. Data Governance Leadership Team (DGLT)
    2. Comprised of selected division directors
    3. Meets quarterly
  3. The third part of the pyramid is:
    1. Data Management Committee (DMC)
    2. Comprised of managers and project leads
    3. Meets monthly
  4. The largest and fourth part of the pyramid is:
    1. Data Stewards (DS)
    2. Comprised of data users and maintainers
    3. Working groups and project based groups meet as needed

In addition, the pyramid indicates that there are "Supports" for the governance pyramid of:

  1. Technology Services: Providing technical infrastructure and security solutions for data
  2. Education Data Office: Coordinating data governance activities
  3. Data Reporting Office and the Data Visualization Office: Fulfilling data requests
  4. Government Affairs: Providing legislative advice
  5. Legal Affairs: Providing legal advice

The pyramid also illustrates that:

  1. Data-related issues and opportunities are introduced and escalated in accordance with law and policy from the bottom of the pyramid toward the top.
  2. Data-related policies and decisions are disseminated throughout the CDE from the top of the pyramid toward the bottom.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, June 26, 2023
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