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EL Services, Reclassification, & Waivers

Downloadable data files for English learner (EL) instructional services and settings, reclassified ELs, and parental exception waiver data.
  • Part 2: English learner (EL) instructional information
  • Part 3: English learners Reclassified as fluent-English-proficient (FEP)
  • Part 4: Parental Exception Waivers (formerly Oral English Proficiency Assessment data)

Note: Data prior to 1990 are not available at this time. Prior to 1990 the data was not collected in a comparable format.

Data Files for Parts 2, 3, and 4

Year of Data File Name File Structure
lc11p2_4 (TXT; Posted 15-Dec-2011) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2010
lc10p2_4 (TXT; 1MB; Posted 9-Sept-2010) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2010
lc09p2_4 (DBF; 2MB; Modified*
File Structure - Parts 2-4 2007–09
lc08p2_4 (DBF; 2MB; Posted 17-Sep-2008) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2007–09
lc07p2_4 (DBF; 3MB; Modified*
File Structure - Parts 2-4 2007–09
lc06p2_4 (DBF; 4MB; Posted 21-Aug-2006) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2002–06
lc05p2_4 (EXE; Posted 29-Aug-2005) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2002–06
lc04p2_4 (EXE; Posted 21-Sep-2004) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2002–06


lc03p2_4 (EXE; Posted 30-Jul-2003) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2002–06


lc02p2_4 (EXE; Posted 25-Sep-2002) File Structure - Parts 2-4 2002–06


lc01p2_4 (EXE; Modified*
File Structure - Parts 2-4 1999–2001


lc00p2_4 (EXE; Posted 31-Aug-2000) File Structure - Parts 2-4 1999–2001

Prior to the 2000 Language Census, data files are only available for Part 2 (Instructional Services) and Part 3 (Reclassification). Part 2 data can be downloaded below and Part 3 data may be obtained in a multi-year format from the Reclassified English Learners Web page.

Data Files for Part 2

Files are in a database/spreadsheet format (.dbf) and files with an ".exe" extension are compressed into self-extracting files. To use a file: (1) download the file; (2) from Windows Explorer, double click on the file name; (3) to view the file, open the uncompressed file (.dbf) in a database or spreadsheet program. For further instructions choose a link below or contact our office for assistance at 916-327-0219.

Special instructions for Excel and Access users

*For details on specific file modifications, refer to the File Modifications Web page.

**In 1998–99, the R30-LC was changed in order to align the instrument with the new statutes and regulations resulting from Proposition 227. Changes to the R30-LC, Part II include (1) the change in terminology from Limited-English-Proficient (LEP) to English Learner (EL) students and (2) a modification of Part II to include appropriate instructional settings required by the statutes (Education Code sections 300-400). In order to assess changes in the instructional services for English Learners, which have resulted from recent changes in law, the 1999 and future R30-LC forms capture the same categories of instructional services which have been used in prior years.
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