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Transitional Kindergarten Data

Downloadable data files for school-level transitional kindergarten program participation data racial/ethnic designation and subgroup (i.e., gender, English learner, migrant, and socio-economically disadvantaged status).

Files include state, county, district, and school level data. Please refer to the file structure for details on what data are contained in the file. For more information about the TK program, refer to the Transitional Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions page [].

Year of Data File Name File Structure
2018–19 tkdata18 (TXT; 20MB; Posted 12-Mar-2020) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)
2017–18 tkdata17 (TXT; 20MB; Posted 17-May-2019) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)
2016–17 tkdata16 (TXT; 20MB; Posted 13-Jun-2018) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)
2015–16 tkdata15 (TXT; 20MB; Posted 16-Mar-2017) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)
2014–15 tkdata14 (TXT; 19MB; Posted 16-Dec-2015) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)
2013–14 tkdata13 (TXT; 19MB; Posted 16-Dec-2015) File Structure: School Enrollment (2013–19)

To use a file, click on the file name you wish to download and save the file to your computer. To view the file, open the file in a database or spreadsheet program. For further instructions, choose a link below or contact our office for assistance.

Special instructions for Excel and Access users

*For details on specific file modifications, refer to the File Modifications Web page.

Questions: Data Reporting Office | | 916-327-0219 
Last Reviewed: Friday, September 25, 2020
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