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File Structure: Chronic Absenteeism Data

File structure for downloadable files containing student chronic absenteeism data by ethnicity, gender, and program subgroup. Chronic absenteeism counts, cumulative enrollment, and chronic absenteeism rate data are provided.

File Name: chronicabsenteeism17.txt, chronicabsenteeism18.txt

General Description of the Data File

Field Name Description
Academic Year

The academic year (July 1 – June 30) corresponding to the time period during which the data were collected.

Aggregate Level
  • T = State
  • C = County
  • D1 = District (All Schools)
  • D2 = District (Non-Charter Schools)
  • S = School
County Code A unique two-digit code corresponding to the county.
District Code

A unique five-digit code corresponding to the district.

School Code

A unique seven-digit code corresponding to the school.

County Name County Name
District Name District or Administrative Authority Name
School Name School Name
Charter (Y/N) A "Y" or "N" value indicating whether a school is a charter school in the current academic year.
Reporting Category (Ethnicity/ Gender/Program Subgroup)
  • RB = African American
  • RI = American Indian or Alaska Native
  • RA = Asian
  • RF = Filipino
  • RH = Hispanic or Latino
  • RD = Did not Report
  • RP = Pacific Islander
  • RT = Two or More Races
  • RW = White
  • GM = Male
  • GF = Female
  • SE = English Learners
  • SD = Students with Disabilities
  • SS = Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
  • SM = Migrant
  • SF = Foster
  • SH = Homeless
  • GRK = Kindergarten
  • GR13 = Grades 1–3
  • GR46 = Grades 4–6
  • GR78 = Grades 7–8
  • GRK8 = Grades K–8
  • GR912 = Grades 9–12
  • GRUG = Ungraded Elementary and Secondary
  • TA = Total
Cumulative Enrollment Cumulative enrollment consists of the total number of unduplicated primary and short-term enrollments within the academic year (July 1 to June 30), regardless of whether the student is enrolled multiple times within a school or district.
Chronic Absenteeism Enrollment This count uses the Cumulative Enrollment of the selected entity as the baseline and removes students that were not eligible to be considered chronically absent at that entity. Students that are enrolled less than 31 instructional days at the selected entity are not eligible to be considered chronically absent at that entity. This is calculated by looking at the number of "expected days to attend" that LEAs submit for each student in CALPADS. Students with exempt status are also removed from Chronic Absenteeism eligibility. Students are considered to be exempt if they are enrolled in a Non-Public School (NPS), receive instruction through a home or hospital instructional setting or are attending community college full-time.
Chronic Absenteeism Count Total count of ALL chronically absent students at the selected entity for the selected population using the available filters. Students are determined to be chronically absent if they were enrolled for a combined total of 30 days or more at the selected reporting level during the academic year and they were absent for 10% or more of the days they were expected to attend.
Chronic Absenteeism Rate The unduplicated count of students determined to be chronically absent (Chronic Absenteeism Count) divided by the Chronic Absenteeism Enrollment at the selected entity for the selected population using the available filters.
General Description of the Data File

The absenteeism data were submitted by local educational agencies (LEAs) and charter schools to the California Department of Education (CDE) as part of the annual End of Year 3 (EOY 3) data submission in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). Cumulative enrollment and absenteeism data were reviewed and certified in CALPADS as being accurate by authorized district or school personnel. In order to certify data in CALPADS, authorized district or charter school personnel are required to review the accuracy of all data associated with the applicable CALPADS submission. CALPADS certification is a two-step process with Level-2 certification reserved for the district superintendents, charter school administrators, or their designees. Please contact the district or school if you have any questions about their certified CALPADS data.

Source: Absenteeism and Cumulative Enrollment data were submitted and certified by LEAs and/or charter schools as part of the annual CALPADS End of Year 3 submission.

Note: An asterisk (*) appearing in a data field is used to protect student privacy.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, November 20, 2018