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File Structure: Expulsion and Suspension Data

File structure for downloadable files containing student expulsion and suspension data by ethnicity. The file contains the total suspensions and expulsions reported by each local educational agency.

File Name: discipline12.txt, discipline13.txt, discipline14.txt, discipline15.txt

For each school, there is one record for every instance where there is data. A school may have 1 to 24 record(s), depending on data reported.

General Description of the Expulsion and Suspension Data File

Field Name Type Field Width Description
AGGLEVEL Character 1
  • D=Local educational agency totals (includes districts and direct funded charter schools)
  • O=County totals
  • S=School totals
  • T=State totals
CDS_CODE Character 14 This 14-digit code is the official unique identification of a school within California.  The first two digits identify the county, the next five digits identify the school district, and the last seven digits identify the school.
NAME Character 100 Name of the county, district, or school depending on the AGGLEVEL.
  • E=Expulsion
  • I=In-School Suspension
  • O=Out-of-School Suspension
ETHNICITY Character 1
  • 0=Not Reported
  • 1=American Indian or Alaskan Native, not Hispanic
  • 2=Asian, not Hispanic
  • 3=Pacific Islander, not Hispanic
  • 4=Filipino, not Hispanic
  • 5=Hispanic or Latino
  • 6=African American, not Hispanic
  • 7=White, not Hispanic
  • 9=Two or more races, not Hispanic
WEAPONS Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Weapons Possession" Federal category.
DRUGS Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Illicit Drug Related" Federal category.
VIOLENCE_WITH_INJURY Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Violence with Injury" Federal category.
VIOLENCE_WITHOUT_INJURY Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Violence without Injury" Federal category.
OTHER_NOT_DEFIANCE Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Other" Federal category, not including those students disciplined for "Defiance."
OTHER_DEFIANCE_ONLY Character 8 Number of suspensions or expulsions under the "Other" Federal category for "Defiance" only.
TOTAL Character 8 Total number of suspensions or expulsions.
YEAR Character 7 Year of data.
DATE_CREATED Date 10 Date of CALPADS submission deadline.
DATE_UPDATED Date 10 The date of the most recent content addition or modification.
General Description of the Expulsion and Suspension Data File

This file is compiled using student-level data reported to the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). This file includes state, county, district, and school level data of students by ethnicity involved in one or more incidents1 during the academic year who were subsequently suspended (in-school or out-of-school) or expelled2 from school. Although a student may have committed multiple offenses as part of a single incident; each student is only counted once per incident for which they were suspended or expelled. Students are counted more than once if they were suspended or expelled multiple times for different incidents.

For reporting purposes, students are counted within the Federal Offense Category corresponding to the most severe offense each student committed within a given incident (see Glossary). In this file, the "Other" Federal Offense Category is further broken into two separate categories: "OTHER_NOT_DEFIANCE" and "OTHER_DEFIANCE_ONLY." Suspended or expelled students whose most serious offense in an incident was violating California Education Code Section 48900(k), otherwise known as "Defiance," are counted under the "OTHER_DEFIANCE_ONLY" category.

The total counts in this file cannot be compared to totals previously collected and reported through the Uniform Management Information Reporting System (UMIRS). In UMIRS, LEAs reported the total number of offenses committed by offense type, and the LEAs likely were not able to report only the most severe offense committed per suspension, resulting in students being counted more than once for the same suspension. Thus it is not advisable to compare this CALPADS data with UMIRS data, as the two are different and not comparable.

Footnote 1: An incident is defined as one or more students committing one or more offenses on the same date at the same time.

Footnote 2: Expulsion counts include all expulsions, even those expulsions where the term of the expulsion has been shortened or the enforcement of the expulsion has been suspended.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 22, 2017