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File Structure: Truancy Data

File structure for downloadable files containing aggregate truancy data. The file contains the total number of truancies reported by each local educational agency, including Census Day enrollment, cumulative enrollment, and rates.

File Name: truancy12.txt, truancy13.txt, truancy14.txt

For each aggregation level (AggLevel), there is one record for every instance where there is data.

Field Name Type Field Width Description




The academic year associated with the year for which truancy data were reported to the California Basic Educational System (CBEDS).

CDS Code



This 14-digit code is the official unique identification of a school within California. The first two digits identify the county, the next five digits identify the school district, and the last seven digits identify the school.




D=Local educational agency totals (includes districts and direct funded charter schools)

O=County totals

S=School totals

T=State totals

Name Character 100 Name of the county, district, or school depending on the AggLevel.
Truant Students Numeric 7 The aggregate count students who were reported as being truant at least one time during the academic year.

Census Enrollment



The total unique or unduplicated number of primary enrollments on the CALPADS Fall 1 Census Day, which is the first Wednesday in October of the associated academic year.

Cumulative Enrollment



The total number of unique or unduplicated primary, secondary, and short-term enrollments within the academic year (July 1 to June 30), regardless of whether the student is enrolled multiple times within a school or district.

Truancy Rate



The number of truant students divided by the cumulative enrollment, multiplied by 100.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, June 1, 2020
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