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2018–19 District Reorganizations and Name Changes

List of local educational agency (LEA) reorganizations, territory transfers, lapses, and name changes for public and nonpublic educational agencies for the 2018–19 school year.

This Web page lists LEAs that have opened or closed during the given school year, and it also lists any schools impacted by these changes, as well as schools that moved from one LEA to another LEA. This Web page does not include schools that have closed without the LEA closing.

Effective: July 1, 2018 (unless otherwise noted)
Original Announcement: May 3, 2018


The following table provides a summary of new and closed LEAs:

Status County-District Code LEA Name
SBE – Perseverance Preparatory


Contains information about new LEAs.

New LEAs

  • Santa Clara County (effective August 13, 2018)
    • 43-77115-0000000 – SBE – Perseverance Preparatory
      • Public Schools
        • 43-77115-0137059 – Perseverance Preparatory


The following provides information on districts that have undergone a unification or consolidation. Included is information regarding any LEAs that were formed, or closed, as a result of the unification or consolidation, as well as information regarding changes to the schools within the effected LEAs.

There are no unifications/consolidations at this time.


Contains information about closed LEAs.


All schools in the LEA close as a result of the LEA closure. The territory and schools of the closing LEA are annexed into one or more neighboring LEAs as a result of a LEA closure. The schools of the closed LEA may or may not be reopened as schools of the acquiring LEA.

There are no closures at this time.


The following provides information on district name changes and charter schools that changed authorizing agencies.

District Name Changes

There are no district name changes at this time.

Charter Schools that Changed Authorizing Agencies

There are no charter schools changing authorizing agencies at this time.


The following is a list of links to helpful pages related to districts and schools.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 7, 2018