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Glossary-2013 ACT Report

THis glossary defines key terms shown for school, district, county, and state level records.

The terms described below are listed in the order in which they appear in the headings.


This document is meant to accompany the ACT Report. The California Department of Education (CDE) receives student-level ACT data from the ACT, Inc. These data are then aggregated to produce the school, district, county, and state level reports. The ACT Report includes only California public schools that had (1) at least one student taking the ACT exam or (2) zero students taking the ACT exam but had 11 or more enrollment in grades eleven and/or twelve. The enrollment information is based on data submitted by local educational agencies (LEAs) and maintained in the CALPADS. Scores for schools that had fewer than eleven students taking the ACT are not shown on the ACT Report in order to preserve the anonymity of the students.

ACT Report

Grade 12 Enrollment

The number of students reported as enrolled in grade twelve. (NOTE: For district, county, and state reports, the enrollment is not the total grade twelve enrollment for all schools in the district, county, or state, but reflects the grade twelve enrollment of only those schools that received an AP Report.) Data reported to CALPADS by LEAs (as of October 2012 Fall Census Day).

Number Tested

The number of students at California public schools with grade twelve enrollment for whom ACT, Inc. reported ACT exam scores. ACT, Inc. and CDE public school data. (Note: A secondary school code recorded by student on ACT test is used to link ACT scores to the school.)

Percent Tested

"Number Tested" divided by "Grade 12 Enrollment." Calculated element. (Note: Because data for Grade 12 Enrollment and Number Tested are compiled at different points in time, these numbers may be valid even when the percent tested exceeds 100 percent. In other cases, source data may be in error.)

Average Score

The average score at the school, district, county, or state level was calculated by summing the scores of the students and dividing by the "Number Tested," for each level. ACT test scores range from 1 to 36 points. Calculated element.

Average Score >=21 Number

Number of students at the school, district, county, or state level who scored an average of 21 points or more on the ACT test. Calculated element.

Average Score >=21 Percent

Beginning in 2007–08, the percent was calculated by dividing the "Average Score >=21 Number" by the "Number Tested." Calculated element.

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