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Glossary-2015 SAT Report

This glossary defines key terms shown on the school, district, county, and state level 2015 SAT Report.


The California Department of Education (CDE) receives student-level SAT data from the College Board. These data were aggregated to produce school, district, county, and state-level reports.

The SAT Report includes only California public schools that had: (1) at least one student who took the SAT exam, or (2) zero students who took the SAT exam but had enrollment in grade twelve that was greater than or equal to 11 and the schools were classified as an opportunity, elementary, middle, alternative, K-12, or high. The enrollment information was based on data submitted by local educational agencies (LEAs) and maintained in the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS).

Adult schools are excluded from the reports at school, district, county, and state levels. California Education Authority (CEA) schools are not reported at school or district levels, but the test results are rolled up to the county and state levels. SAT scores range from 200 to 800 points for each subject area.

Scores for schools that had fewer than 11 students taking the SAT exam are not shown on the SAT Report in order to preserve the anonymity of the students.

SAT Report

Enrollment 12

Enrollment was based on the number of students reported as enrolled in grade twelve by LEAs in CALPADS as of Fall Census Day in October 2014. (Note: The enrollment does not include "ungraded" students.)

Number Tested

This column reflects the number of students with SAT exam scores as reported by the College Board. (Note: The school name inputted by the student on the SAT exam was used by the College Board to generate the academic institution [AI] code. The CDE used the AI code and the school name to identify the school's county-district-school [CDS] code in order to link the students' SAT scores to the appropriate schools.)

Average Score: Reading

The average reading score was calculated by dividing the sum of the students' reading SAT scores by the "Number Tested."

Average Score: Math

The average math score was calculated by dividing the sum of the students' math SAT scores by the "Number Tested."

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