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CASEMIS-to-CALPADS (C2C) News: December 4, 2017

C2C Transition Update: Request for workgroup participants.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives, Special Education System Vendors, and Student Information System Vendors

From:       California Department of Education (CDE) –
                 CALPADS Team and Special Education Division

Date:       December 4, 2017

SubjectCASEMIS to CALPADS (C2C) Transition Updates

Request for Workgroup Participants

In an effort to showcase best practices related to managing data for students with disabilities between the student information system and the special education data system, the CDE is soliciting volunteers from LEAs to share local best practices and policies that help ensure the integrity of the data for this student population. If staff from your LEA would like to join this workgroup, please send an email to Brandi Jauregui at

Contact Us

Special Education Division

Amanvir Sahota
(916) 327-1022

CALPADS Operations Office

Mariann Bjorkman [This contact information is no longer valid.] [This contact information is no longer valid.]
(916) 319-0225 [This contact information is no longer valid.]
[The contact information at the bottom of this web page may be used to contact the CALPADS Office, or Brandi Jauregui may be contacted via her email address listed above.]

Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Last Reviewed: Monday, December 30, 2019
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