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Topics include: CALPADS deadline dates; CALPADS status and common problems (known issues); list of commonly encountered defects.

To:            Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:       California Department of Education (CDE) –
                 California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Team

Date:       October 18, 2018

SubjectCALPADS Update FLASH #144

CALPADS Deadline Dates

We appreciate your continued patience as we work through this transition, and we understand the issues and challenges that users are experiencing. We continue to deploy patches to fix system defects on an ongoing basis. Given the transition, the CDE continues to discuss the most appropriate deadlines for the upcoming Fall 1 and Fall 2 submissions. Once we believe the system is more stable, we will announce new deadlines.

The CALPADS team will continue to address issues as quickly as possible and anticipates that new issues will continue to arise.  With the addition of the new “view only” role, more users are accessing the system than in prior years. LEA CALPADS Administrators should delay assigning view-only roles to new users until the system has become more stable. The CALPADS Team will notify LEAs when we feel that the system has become more stable.

CALPADS Status and Common Problems

  • Date Problem: The new cloud environment automatically translates system generated dates (creation dates, revision dates, etc.) to a “Coordinated Universal Time” (abbreviated as “UTC”). If it appears that CALPADS has “changed” a date, it is a result of a defect where the conversion back to Pacific Standard Time is not occurring. The CALPADS team recognizes the frustration and confusion this defect causes users and is determining the best approach for fully addressing the issue.
  • Sudden Error Problem:  It appears there are different causes for CALPADS to momentarily present an error message, which may require the user to log back in the system. Based on system metrics, approximately 1% of page requests may experience such an issue. Therefore, users are more likely to encounter this issue when submitting data online versus through batch. The CALPADS team hopes to deploy a fix to one of the causes of the problem this week. The CALPADS team will continue to work on resolving the remaining causes of this issue.
  • Logging in Problem: Users should bookmark the home page of the new system, not the URL for the login screen. If you are having difficulty logging in, verify that the URL says:

Starting next week, the Known Issues document will be updated daily and posted in the footer link in CALPADS. This is a temporary provision to keep people informed of defects. If you encounter difficulties as you work in CALPADS, please first consult the CALPADS Known Issues list to determine whether the problem has already been reported and documented. It is not necessary to submit a service ticket if the problem has already been identified.

Below is the list of current common problems (known issues) for which you do not need to send in a service ticket.

List of Commonly Encountered Defects

Ticket # Title Work-Around
4925 OM - Post button not visible after validating demographic record online None at this time.


SINF file Upload Failed - Field length exceeded None at this time.
4920 CERT004 triggers incorrectly on N470 exits when the Exit Date = Enrollment Date Set the Exit Date = to one day prior to the Enrollment Date, then the system will not trigger the CERT004 error.
4919 OM: Expected Receiver School of Attendance is missing all schools in the state except current user's schools None at this time.
4917 SELA Rejected Records Extract returning wrong file type None at this time.
4916 Upload files staying in Queue None at this time.
4915 OM: Unhandled exception error when creating a new SSID None at this time.
4914 Jobs Stuck, displaying status "Revision In Progress" None at this time.
4913 SINF Upload Failures with unhandled exception (sometimes caused by comma in file) Remove commas from file.
4912 Fall 1 Snapshot - New School missing from supporting reports 1.2, 1.18 and 8.1 detail Reports None at this time.
4910 Fatal SENR009 error - Invalid Characters on Name that has a valid character None at this time.
4908 Fall1 Access denied message displays for Snapshot report 8.1c Student profile dropouts-State None at this time.
4907 Fatal SELA0285 error on valid records None at this time.
4905 SENR005 invalid NPS for an active NPS School None at this time.
4903 Job is not posting – Status stays “in Review” Do not select the “Post All” button on SSID request files. On the View Submission Details screen, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Select "Validate Selected SSIDs." If the system takes you back to the View Errors and Warnings tab, click back to the View/Post Passed Records tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page again and click "Post Selected SSIDs."
4902 ODS Extracts - Unable to request file by Date Range None at this time.
4901 Unable to request Rejected Records Extract by Job ID/Submitter None at this time.
4899 Direct Cert: Certification Status Code filters do not work. Import results into Excel and filter by status code.


Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Last Reviewed: Friday, November 22, 2019
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