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CALPADS Update Flash #223

Topics include: 2021-22 End-of-Year submission; 2022-23 submissions; planned 2022-23 changes moved to 2023-24.

To:           Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:      California Department of Education (CDE) –
                California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Team

Date:       June 6, 2022

SubjectCALPADS Update FLASH #223

2021-22 End-of-Year Submission

Update on Implementation of Data Discrepancies Required for Certification

Flash 222 briefly described the new validations or “data discrepancies” that are being implemented for End-of-Year (EOY) certification, and that more information would be provided in a subsequent Flash. This Flash provides updated information on these new validations as well as an update on Problem Management (PM) issue #6105 (SPRG: Education Service Academic Year field mass populated for all records) and planned 2022-23 changes moved to 2023-24.

Overview of New Data Discrepancy Process

There were 101 Input Validation Rules (IVRs) that triggered on input in the legacy system, which will now trigger after the data are posted to the CALPADS Operational Data Store (ODS). This change occurred to reduce the time it takes for files to load into CALPADS. Once the functionality is fully implemented, these IVRs will immediately display as “data discrepancies” (DDs) in the CALPADS Data Discrepancy User Interface (UI), enabling LEAs to resolve them at any time. The DD UI will display triggered DDs by the IVR number that existed in the legacy system, along with information that will help LEAs identify the specific records triggering the data discrepancy. Once a submission window opens, the DDs that had been fatal IVRs in the legacy system will become “certification data discrepancies” (CDDs) that LEAs must resolve in order to certify. Any DDs that LEAs have not resolved when the submission window opens will display in the Certification UI along with any of the triggered Certification Validation Rules (CVRs) that LEAs must resolve in order to certify.

Data Discrepancy Process for EOY 2021-22

For the current EOY submission, the Data Discrepancy UI is not available; the DD UI should be available prior to the opening of this coming Fall 1. While the DD UI is not available, the DDs will run on EOY data, and the DDs that LEAs must resolve in order to certify their 2021−22 EOY submission will be viewable in the Certification UI, along with previously existing CVRs. The CDDs will be identified in the Certification UI by the IVR number that existed in the legacy system.

Contrary to what was stated in Flash 222, none of the 101 CDDs are currently visible in the Certification UI. All CDDs are scheduled to be implemented and visible in the certification UI in the later part of June, providing LEAs the months of July and August to review and resolve any data issues that trigger a CDD. Additional guidance will be forthcoming to help LEAs identify the records triggering CDDs based on the information that will be provided on the Certification UI.

LEAs are also reminded that all data submitted prior to April 6, 2022 were validated on input by the prior IVRs. Therefore, once the CDDs are implemented they will likely primarily trigger on data submitted after April 6, 2022. All of the CDDs are fatal, and LEAs will be required to resolve them in order to certify their submissions.

The CDE will confirm when all CDDs are implemented, and will then enable the approval button within CALPADS, so that LEAs may begin certifying their EOY submissions.

Identifying the IVRs that are DDs

To view which fatal IVRs in the legacy system have become data discrepancies, refer to the CALPADS Error List. The DDs for each file are now identified in the CALPADS Error List, with an “X” marked in the “Data Discrepancy” column.

Update on Issue #6105

Flash 222 reported that Problem Management (PM) issue #6105, which may cause the creation of duplicate Student Program (SPRG) records, would be resolved by Monday, June 6, 2022. Unfortunately, the data cleanup required for this resolution did not occur and will be implemented this week, either mid-week or this coming weekend. The CDE continues to suggest that LEAs hold off on submitting SPRG records until this issue has been resolved in order to avoid potentially creating duplicate records. The CDE will let LEAs know when the issue has been resolved.

Refer to Known Issues List for Current Defects on IVRs and CVRs

The link between the individual error page documents within CALPADS and the Known Issue list is currently broken. This means that if you go to the individual error page for a specific IVR, it will not indicate whether there is a current defect on that IVR. Until this broken link is fixed, refer to the Known Issues list to identify whether there is a defect on a specific IVR/CVR.

2022-23 Submissions

Planned 2022-23 Changes Moved to 2023-24

In order to continue focusing efforts on current system issues, the following two changes planned for Fall 2022−23 have been moved to implementation in the 2023−24 academic year:

  • Collection of Highest Parent Education Level for each parent/guardian for all students (existing and newly enrolled).
  • Adoption of 3-character ISO-639-2 Code Set to replace 2-character Primary Language Code Set

The CDE encourages LEAs to continue collecting both parent education levels for all students (existing and newly enrolled students) in 2022−23, as this data will be required by CALPADS beginning in 2023−24. The CDE has informed the student information system (SIS) vendors that these items will be delayed.

Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Service and Support: CALPADS-CSIS Service Desk | | 916-325-9210
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
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