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CALPADS Update Flash #225

Topics include: Reminder of LEA End-of-Year roll-over activities; preparing for direct certification counts during July and August.

To:           Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:      California Department of Education (CDE) –
                California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Team

Date:       June 29, 2022

SubjectCALPADS Update FLASH #225

Reminder of LEA End-of-Year Roll Over Activities

Purging of Former Foster Youth Report

Per an agreement with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), report 5.9 -Former Foster Youth – Student List only includes current foster students, which includes those who ceased being a foster youth in the current academic year. The Former Foster Youth report does not span academic years. Therefore, as a reminder, after the weekly upload on July 1, 2022, the report will be refreshed and will begin to show only students who continue to be foster or become foster in the 2022–23 academic year. If there is a need to keep historical records of the former foster youth in the 2021–22 academic year, you must download report 5.9 as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file or save a copy of the report on or before June 30, 2022.

Preparing for Direct Certification Counts During July and August

Local educational agencies (LEAs) should download the Direct Certification results prior to June 30, 2022 if they have a need to track the students who were directly certified by CALPADS in 2021–22.

LEAs are also reminded that, as they exit their students at the end of the academic year in CALPADS, all students exited with a Student Exit Reason Code of anything other than an E155 – Year End Enrollment Exit will not be sent over for direct certification matching until subsequent enrollment records for the new academic year are posted in CALPADS. This means that your direct certification counts could be significantly lower than expected until subsequent enrollments are submitted to CALPADS.

Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Service and Support: CALPADS-CSIS Service Desk | | 916-325-9210
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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