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Draft DAC November Meeting Minutes

Draft meeting minutes from the November 6, 2019, Disability Advisory Committee meeting.

Attending CDE DAC Members:

Elia Bassin
Julie Williams
Jose Ortega


Catherine Riedel
Patricia Deroian (DCC)
Elena Fong
Kathy Whelan-Gioia (DCS)

DAC Officers:

Chair: Phillip Rabago
Vice-Chair: Turtle Warchild
Secretary: Jennifer Cordova
Treasurer: Erika Barnhart (excused absent)

DAC Liaisons:

Legal Office: Not scheduled to attend
Office of Equal Opportunity: Randi Thompson, Brenda Casillas  (Not scheduled to attend)

Agenda Item 1. Call to Order/Establish Quorum

Meeting called to order at 2:06 p.m. by Chair.
Chair confirmed Quorum established with 6 of 11 members present.

Agenda Item 2. Accept/Modify October Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept: Julie, 2nd Turtle. Minutes accepted as submitted. Minutes will be emailed out in advance for the January meeting.

Agenda Item 3. Accept/Modify Agenda

Motion to accept: Julie, 2nd Jose. Agenda approved as submitted.

Agenda Item 4. Evacuation

Reviewed evacuation advisory with Jose’s edits. Committee worked on further edits. Motion to accept all edits and move forward: Julie; 2nd Jose

Agenda Item 5. DEAM 1200

Need to support creation of understandable documents on Timeline, Training for managers and staff, and a Checklist. Will the DAC get to review and serve as a sign-off on the final edits to DEAM 1200? Include language “The DAC does not consider our comments in the submitted advisory to be all encompassing and request to be a sign-off on the final version.” We want to include that language because our comments are based on the current DEAM 1200 that we know has already undergone edits that we have not been privy to.

Agenda Item 6. NDEAM 2020

Julie – attended the 2019 NDEAM and highly recommends we participate in the 2020 event. Julie will request more information from event planning committee (date, etc) and bring it back to the DAC.

Agenda Item 7. NDEAM – Lobby Events 2019

Did not discuss – time ran short

Agenda Item 8. DAC Visibility – Update

Did not discuss – time ran short

Agenda Item 9. Fundraisers

Did not discuss – time ran short

Agenda Item 10. Disability Awareness Affinity Group

Did not discuss – time ran short

Agenda Item 11. Vice Chair Report

No report

Agenda Item 12. Treasurer Report

No report

Agenda Item 13. Secretary Report

No report

Agenda Item 14. Roundtable

Did not discuss – time ran short

Agenda Item 15. Public Comment


Agenda Item 16. Motion to adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Jose, 2nd Turtle. Meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m. The next meeting will be held 2–4 p.m., January 8, 2020.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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