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DAC Agenda for June 2017

Agenda for the California Department of Education Disability Advisory Committee meeting on June 7, 2017.

Meeting Agenda

TIME TOPICS/Activities
2:00 Action - Establish quorum (half of the members; currently 13, quorum 7 to vote on motions)
2:05 Action - Approve CDE DAC May 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes (Matt)
2:10 Action - Robert’s Rules of Order - Public Comment (Jonn)
2:15 Action - Determine summer meetings; cancel July meeting due to quorum issue
2:25 Action - Subcommittee: Disability Awareness Month 2017 (Jonn)
2:40 Action - CDE contracts for Accommodation Services (Jonn)
2:55 Information - Missed Meeting accountability update (Matt)
3:00 Information - 2016-17 DAC officers take office August 2017
3:10 Information - Treasurer Report (Matthew)
3:15 Information - Subcommittee: Emergency Evacuation (Jonn)
3:30 Information - Public Comment
3:40 Adjourn
Questions:   Office of the Chief Deputy |
Last Reviewed: Thursday, October 12, 2017
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