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DAC Agenda for May 2018

Agenda for the California Department of Education Disability Advisory Committee Meeting on May 2, 2018.

Meeting Agenda

TIME TOPICS/Activities
2:00 Action Item - Welcome: Roll Call & Establish Quorum (half of the members; currently 13, quorum 7 to hold meeting or vote on motions)
2:05 Action Item - Approve CDE DAC March 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes (Ana)
Note: No meeting was held in April
2:10 Action Item - DAC Member Option (Jonn)
2:15 Information Item - Policy Update: Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Jonn)

Information Item - Bag Lunch: May 1: A Touch of Understanding (Jonn);
August 13: Need an agency (Phillip)


Information Item - Brown Bag Survey (Jonn) - Finalize Questions

We will be using the TSD recommended SnapSurvey. The intention for the survey will be to provide feedback for evaluating events, as well as to plan for future events, in light of the responses generated by attendees.

Suggestions for survey questions/comments from the March 4, 2018 DAC meeting:

  • What did you like?
  • What do you want to see more of?
  • Any suggestions for the future?
  • Did the attendants have enough time to interact with the presenters?
  • Did the people think that the presentation was one-sided?
  • Can we open more time for discussion?
  • What did you learn?
  • Does this apply to your work environment?
  • Will you do any follow-up activities related to this topic?
  • Would you recommend this workshop/brown bag to others?
  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you find the information helpful?
  • Do you want additional information?
  • Is there another topic you would like to see addressed?
2:35 Information Item - Emergency Evacuation (Jonn)
2:40 Information Item - State DAC (Jonn)
2:45 Information Item - Policy Update: Employment & Promotion (Erika)
2:55 Information Item - Employee Training (new and admin) (Jonn)
2:57 Information Item - DAC Elections for 2018-19 (Jonn)
2:58 Information Item - Updates: Treasurer (Erika) and Membership (Ana)
2:59 Public Comment
3:00 Adjourn
Questions:   Office of the Chief Deputy |
Last Reviewed: Monday, April 30, 2018
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