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Strategies for a New System of Education

Suggestions to improve education in California in A Blueprint For Great Schools report from the Transition Advisory Team dated August 9, 2011.

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The strategies offered by the Transition Advisory Team for building a new system of California education follow several key principles. These principles:

  • Take into account the changing demands of a 21st century knowledge-based, technology-driven economy and society;
  • Acknowledge, respond to, and build on the diversity of California’s students so that more students are enabled to be successful and the state benefits from all of its human resources;
  • Create a more flexible, streamlined, and integrated system of education supports as well as education expectations;
  • Build on and expand successful initiatives and strategies in California and elsewhere; and
  • Position the California Department of Education to become the service hub of a learning system, with capacity for learning about and disseminating best practices to teachers, classified staff, administrators, schools, and districts across the state.

Below we summarize the current context and major recommendations from each of the Transition Advisory Team’s Policy Working Teams.

  1. Educator Quality.
  2. Curriculum and Assessment.
  3. Higher Education and Secondary Alignment.
  4. Accountability and School Improvement.
  5. Early Childhood Education.
  6. Education Supports.
  7. School Finance.
  8. Facilities Construction and Reform.

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