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Digital Chalkboard

An online Internet tool for California educator collaboration and resource sharing.

What is the Digital Chalkboard?

Digital Chalkboard External link opens in new window or tab. (formerly Brokers of Expertise or BoE) is an online community of California public school and district educators. California educators collaborate through group participation and discussions, upload educational classroom and administrative resources that help other educators access what works best in California schools and districts. As of the summer of 2014, over 70,000 educational resources have been contributed to the resource libraries. Both featured content providers from select non-profit organizations and approximately 19,000 California educators continue to contribute resources and collaborate. With the launch of the new site, over 300,000 additional digital resources have been added through a link to the national Learning Registry.

Vision and Goals

The vision for Phase 1 is a short-term Fall 2014 streamlined re-launch of the BoE site. The CDE is leading a collaborative effort with the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation and its partners to improve the BoE experience for local teachers, board members, site administrators, and other educators. Phase 1 planned improvements will use the same BoE infrastructure. The project goals are to enhance the educator experience at the site, improve the look and feel, and streamline resource allocation. The re-branded Internet site will have a new name (Digital Chalkboard) and updated design. The rebranded-Internet site will benefit from current industry practices, providing California educators a faster and “easier to navigate” experience to find online education resources and groups of educators to collaborate with.

Phase 2 is a concurrent long-term project to collect information from local California educators about what they need and want access, in order to improve student learning. Phase 2 will require spending time in the field, researching ongoing California educator needs, and identify a long-term sustainable solution. The CDE will spend time working with educators and stakeholders to understand the user needs answering questions like, “How do we redesign the system and experience to support educators and build collective knowledge?” The CDE is also investigating and identifying a model to create stability and sustainability for the system, including customer support, system maintenance, a new partner infrastructure, and alignment with common core state standards.


In the fall of 2014, with funding from the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation, and in collaboration with our partners at the K-12 High Speed Network and its affiliates, the CDE launched the refreshed BoE portal as the Digital Chalkboard. Short-term project goals were to improve the user experience, streamline resource navigation, and improve the look and feel. A concurrent long-term project is looking at California public education community needs, and how the state online Internet portal and community fit within the education resource sharing ecosphere.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 26, 2020