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Education Technology Task Force

A volunteer group appointed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to advise ways to improve and expand the use of education technology in California schools.

On March 17, 2012, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson appointed 48 volunteers to become members of his Education Technology Task Force. Gathering advice from the Task Force was the first step in the State Superintendent's effort to update the Education Technology Plan approved by the State Board of Education in 2005. Task Force members were expected to present their findings to the State Superintendent by July 1, 2012. The State Superintendent and his staff then embarked on a statewide tour to accept public comment on its findings. The public was also invited to contribute information, research, and case studies to the Task Force via the Brokers of Expertise Web site at [Note: The previously hyperlinked is no longer active and has been replaced by the Digital Chalkboard website External link opens in new window or tab.].

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The Education Technology Task Force will organize its work to address five key areas—learning, assessment, teaching, infrastructure, and productivity.

  • Review relevant research and literature on education technology in California, the nation, and international efforts, including the pillars of the National Education Technology Plan;

  • Identify gaps between California's current Education Technology Plan and the National Education Technology Plan;

  • Assess the current status of California's education technology infrastructure;

  • Conduct a needs assessment to determine the gaps between California's current technology infrastructure and desired future condition of education technology;

  • Make recommendations on what education technology is needed and how it should be used to improve teaching and learning and increase student success;

  • Make recommendations on instructional practices for the 21st century; and

  • Make recommendations on equity of access issues, ensuring all students having access to technology as a powerful learning tool.


  • Frank Baxter, Jefferies Group, Inc., Chairman Emeritus.
  • Michael Berg, Central Unified School District, Superintendent.
  • Kenneth Brown, Booz Allen Hamilton, Associate Systems Engineer.
  • Kelly Calhoun, Santa Clara County Office of Education, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Vanitha Chandrasekhar, Long Beach Unified School District, Education Technology Coordinator.
  • Steve Clemons, San Diego County Office of Education, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Technology Officer.
  • John Cradler, Educational Support Systems, President.
  • Robert Craven, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Shirley Diaz, Glenn County Office of Education, Deputy Superintendent, Educational Services.
  • Dawn Egan, Lassen Union High School District, Teacher/Categorical Projects.
  • John Fleischman, Sacramento County Office of Education, Assistant Superintendent, Technology Services.
  • Jo-Ann Fox, Escondido Union School District, Teacher, California Teachers of the Year Semi-Finalist.
  • Lisa Gonzales, Santa Clara County Office of Education, Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Brigette Hunley, Brigette Hunley Consulting, Principal.
  • John Ittelson, California State University, Monterey Bay, Professor Emeritus.
  • Anjali Kausar, Cupertino Union School District, School Board Trustee.
  • Stephen Kay, San Jose State University, Assistant Professor.
  • Machelle Kilgore, Pacific Coast High School, Principal.
  • Kurt Larsen, WestEd, Senior Research Associate/Producer.
  • Mike Lawrence, Computer-Using Educators, Inc., Executive Director.
  • Anne Mallory, Imperial County Office of Education, Superintendent.
  • Nonette Martin, Bassett Unified School District, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services.
  • Chuck McMinn, NapaLearns, President.
  • Steve Midgley, Mixrun LLC, Principal.
  • Richard Miller, Riverside Unified School District, Superintendent.
  • Jane Mintz, Oak Park Unified School District, Director, Educational Technology.
  • Barbara Nemko, Napa County Office of Education, Superintendent.
  • Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Mt. San Jacinto College, Online Associate Faculty.
  • Richard Quinones, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Technology Officer.
  • Rebecca Randall, Common Sense Media, Vice President Education Programs.
  • Marisa Rivas, Digital Edge Learning, Educational Consultant.
  • Ron Rohovit, California Science Center, Deputy Director of Education.
  • Bill Selak, Covina-Valley Unified School District, Teacher.
  • Ken Shelton, Los Angeles Unified School District, Teacher.
  • Kevin Silberberg, Standard School District, Superintendent.
  • Brad Strong, Children Now, Senior Director, Education.
  • Hilda Sugarman, Fullerton School District, School Board Trustee.
  • Torrence Temple, Murrieta Valley Unified School District, Teacher.
  • David Tokofsky, Associated Administrators of Los Angeles, Strategist.
  • Rebecca Wardlow, Ashford University, Provost.
  • Glen Warren, Orange Unified School District, Teacher.
  • Paul Watters, Butte County Office of Education, Director, Regional Occupational Program.
  • John White, Los Angeles Unified School District, School Administrator.
  • Esther Wojcicki, Palo Alto High School, Teacher.
  • Amy Wong, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, Director, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Integration.
  • Alexander Zwissler, Chabot Space and Science Center, Executive Director/CEO.
  • James Carreon, California School for the Blind, Assistive Technology Coordinator.


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