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CDEfisc E-mail Message of August 16, 2013

CDEfisc message of August 16, 2013 to County Offices of Education providing information about the Mandate Block Grant for fiscal year 2013-14.

Subject: Mandate Block Grant Application – REMINDER AND UPDATES

Please forward this e-mail to school districts and charter schools in your county.

The Mandate Block Grant (MBG) Application was released on August 2, 2013, and is currently accessible to local educational agencies (LEAs) on the California Department of Education’s. LEAs are reminded that a completed MBG Application must be submitted electronically by August 30, 2013, to receive 2013–14 MBG funding. Steps to request a password and logon to the MBG Application are detailed below.

MBG Updates and Resources:
  • Participation Status
    New in 2013–14 is the ability for LEAs to check an up to date participation status. This feature may be helpful for county offices of education and charter school authorizers with oversight responsibilities. MBG Participation Status.
  • Programs and Activities NOT Included in the MBG
    The following programs are not included in the 2013–14 MBG and are identified as reimbursable for costs incurred in fiscal year 2013–14. However, funds must be appropriated for these mandate programs before any reimbursement claims can be paid. This information has also been added to the MBG Frequently Asked Questions.
Current Programs

Program Name

Program Number

Charter School IV


Public Contracts


Developer Fees


Teacher Incentive Program


Open Meetings Act/Brown Act Reform


New Programs

Program Name

Program Number

Behavioral Intervention Plans


Williams Case Implementation I, II, and III


Parental Involvement Programs


Uniform Complaint Procedures


California Public Records Act


MBG Web page - General Information and Resources:

Please refer to the MBG Web page to find information regarding the MBG, including links to participation status, correspondence, frequently asked questions, and the MBG Application.

Steps to Request Password and Logon to MBG Application:

LEAs that have not yet submitted the MBG Application to accept or deny funding may follow the steps below to Request a Password and Logon to the MBG Application:

  • Go to the MBG Application
  • At the dropdown menus:
    • Select the County name
    • Select the District or County Office name; charter schools will select the charter authorizer
    • Select School name
      • Districts or County Offices must select “This LEA is a County/District (0000000)
      • Charter schools must select the charter school’s name
  • After all 3 dropdown menus have been selected, the “Enter or Request Password” section will be displayed
  • Click “Request Password” and the contact identified on the California School Directory will receive an email with password information
  • Once the password is obtained, copy/paste the password into the Password field and click Logon

Questions regarding the MBG should be addressed to

Questions:   Julie Klein Briggs | | 916-323-6191
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
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