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Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
April 13, 2021

Dear Executive Directors and Program Directors of Early Learning and Care Programs:

Changes to Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 – 2021 General Child Care (CCTR)/California State Preschool (CSPP) Intra-agency Transfer and Voluntary Temporary Transfer Period

This letter is to inform contractors that the CDE will be moving the spring CCTR/CSPP Intra-agency Transfer and Voluntary and Temporary Transfer (VTT) application period for FY 2020-21. Typically, CCTR/CSPP Transfers and VTT requests are submitted between May 1 and May 15; however, for FY 2020-21, the CDE will be accepting requests between April 15 and April 30. This will help ensure that contract amendments for all CCTR/CSPP Transfer and VTT approvals are processed prior to the end of the Fiscal Year.

Eligibility to Participate in CCTR/CSPP Transfer Requests

Education Code (EC) Section 8236.2 requires that the CDE arrange intra-agency adjustments between CCTR and CSPP contracts for the same agency and funding allocation, in an effort to promote the full utilization of child care and development funds when projected needs have changed. Transfers between CCTR and CSPP contracts are only available to non-Local Education Agencies (LEA), as non-LEA agreements are fully funded by general state funds (i.e. not funded by Proposition-98 funding). LEAs may not transfer between CCTR and CSPP contracts because Proposition-98 funding – the sole fund source of LEA CSPP programs – cannot be utilized for CCTR services.

CCTR/CSPP Intra-agency Transfer Process

CCTR/CSPP intra-agency transfer requests will be submitted through the Child Development provider Accounting Reporting Information System (CPARIS). The Authorized Representative must choose the contract that they are requesting to transfer funds from (i.e. the under-earning contract), by clicking “Create.” Clicking the link “Create” will take the user to a new page that asks the user to complete the following: the requested transfer amount, the eligible agreement (i.e. contract number of the over earning contract) that will be accepting the transfer, and the name, phone number, and email address of the Agency Representative requesting the transfer. By saving the transfer request form in CPARIS, the Authorized Representative will officially submit the request to the CDE.

If a significant portion of the contract Maximum Reimbursable Amount (MRA) is being requested to transfer, the Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD) may require a Program Narrative Change form. Your fiscal analyst may consult with your ELCD consultant to determine if a Program Narrative Change form is required.

Eligibility to Participate in VTTs

EC Section 8275.5 allows for a VTT of funds between over-earning contractors and under-earning contractors with similar contract types in order to fully utilize child care and development funding. Contract types that are eligible to participate in VTTs are as follows: CCTR, CSPP, Migrant Childcare (CMIG), Migrant Alternative Payment (CMAP), Family Child Care Home (CFCC), Programs for Children with Severe Disabilities (CHAN), and Alternative Payment Programs (CAPP).

VTT Participation Process

Local Planning Council (LPC) designees or LPC subcommittee group facilitate the transfer of funds between contractors and submit requests to the CDE. Contractors who believe they will under- or over-earn their contracts in FY 2020-21 will indicate their willingness to participate to the LPC designee or LPC subcommittee, and provide the amount of contract funding they expect to be able to temporarily release or accept. If VTT requests exceed the funds available within the county, contractors and LPC designees or subcommittees should not reduce the amount of the request, as the CDE will attempt to facilitate cross county transfers if funds are available.

Contractors offering to release funds should fill out the form labeled “Attachment B”, and those requesting additional funds will fill out the form labeled “Attachment C”. Requests will be accepted electronically with e-signature and must be submitted to the contractor’s assigned CDNFS Fiscal Analyst by the deadline. Contractors requesting additional funds through the VTT process may be required to submit internal projections that support the requested transfer amount if the requested amount is not supported by CDE projections. Additional information about the VTT process and request forms can be found at: under the section “Voluntary, Temporary Transfer Requests”.

If you have questions about the CCTR/CSPP intra-agency transfer or VTT process, please contact your assigned CDNFS fiscal analyst. A directory of CDNFS fiscal analysts can be found at:


Last Reviewed: Friday, April 23, 2021

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