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Instructions: 2017-18 Immigrant Allocations

Consolidated Application, Winter Release instructions for the 2017-18 Title III, Part A Immigrant, Local Educational Agency (LEA) Allocations and Reservations.
Data Collection Purpose

The purpose of this data collection is for the local educational agency (LEA) to calculate the total allocation amount available to the LEA for the Title III, Part A Immigrant program, and to report required reservations.


Recommended direct administration expenses for a fiscal year may not exceed two percent of such funds for the cost of administering the subgrant. LEA can apply its restricted indirect cost rate (ICR) to the portion of its subgrant that it does not reserve for direct administrative costs.

For more information regarding administrative costs, please see Procedure 915 on the California Department of Education (CDE) California School Accounting Manual (CSAM) (PDF; 5MB).

CDE Program Staff Contact

Geoffrey Ndirangu
Education Programs Consultant
Language Policy and Leadership Office

Displayed Data - Entitlement and Transfers

2017–18 Title III, Part A Immigrant Entitlement: The Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) will provide the entitlement source data from the CDE Title III, English Learners & Immigrant Programs Web page.

Transferred-in Amount: The CARS will provide the transferred-in amount as reported in the 2017–18 Federal Transferability data collection.

Procedures - Repayment of Funds
Step Action Program Instructions
1 If applicable, enter the Repayment of Funds amount.

Optional field. The amount must equal the determination made from the foregoing processes.

Displayed Data - Allocation

2017–18 Allocation: The CARS will calculate the value as the Title III, Part A Immigrant entitlement plus the transferred-in amount plus the repayment of funds amount.

Procedures - Activities and Costs
Step Action Program Instructions
Enter an Authorized Activities amount. Required field. Enter an amount equal to or greater than zero.
Enter a Direct Administration Costs amount.

Required field. Enter an amount equal to or greater than zero.

Amount entered cannot exceed 2 percent of the entitlement.

Enter an Indirect Costs amount.

Required field. Enter an amount equal to or greater than zero.

The amount entered should not exceed the entitlement, less the direct administrative cost reservation, multiplied by the LEA's approved ICR as published on the CDE ICR Web page.

Displayed Data - Total Allocation

Total Allocation Reservations: Value is calculated by summing all reservation amounts.

Error Messages
Field Name Error Message Resolution
Direct Administration Costs Amount Direct administration costs amount cannot exceed 2 percent of the entitlement. Ensure that the direct administration costs amount is appropriate.
Not field name specific Federal Transferability must be certified before this submission. Certification dependency.
Not field name specific The total allocation amount must be recalculated. A change has occurred to either the Federal Transferability amount or the Title III, Part A Immigrant entitlement. To recalculate this value and resolve this error, save this submission again. To recalculate this value and resolve this error, save the form.
Total Allocation Reservations The total reservation amount must equal the total allocation amount. Adjust reservation amounts as needed so that the two amounts are equal.

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