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Ins: 2018–19 Title IV Nonprofit Participation

Consolidated Application Winter Release instructions for the 2018–19 Title IV, Part A Nonprofit Private School Participation form.
Data Collection Purpose

The local educational agency (LEA) must offer to provide equitable services that address the needs of nonprofit private school students, teachers, and other educational personnel under the programs listed. This completed data entry form, along with the LEA’s records of contact and consultation, will serve to document that the nonprofit private schools were contacted and made decisions regarding whether to participate in Title IV, Part A Student Support.

Note: This data collection will not display if the LEA did not apply for Title IV funding, is a county office of education or direct funded charter, or did not complete the Nonprofit Private School Consultation form.


The LEA records should include dates of contact, persons contacted, and the results of such contacts with each nonprofit private school or Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School. These records should document both the participating nonprofit private schools and those choosing not to participate in Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) services.

It is expected that districts engaged in private school consultation verify nonprofit status and the accuracy of student enrollment data if it is being used for the purpose of providing equitable services.

California Department of Education (CDE) Program Staff Contact

Tom Herman
Education Administrator I
Coordinated School Health and Safety Office

Displayed Data - Signed Written Affirmation on File and Enrollment

School name and School code: Only schools noted as having a signed written affirmation on file in the Nonprofit Private School Consultation data collection form are included in the school grid in this data collection form.

Enrollment: The numbers are reported under penalty of perjury by each private school on its annual Private School Affidavit. The information filed in the Private School Affidavit is not verified, and the California Department of Education takes no position as to its accuracy.

Step Action Program Instructions
1 Indicate Title IV, Part A Participation.

The school participation option will display only if the school has a signed written affirmation on file.

Displayed Data - Added Schools

School added: A flag identifying whether a non-attendance area school was added in the Nonprofit Private School Consultation data collection form.

Optional Function

Download schools template: Select this option to download school data from the data collection form into an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet.

Upload schools file: Select this option to upload school data from an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet into the data collection form.

Error Messages
Field Name Error Message Resolution
Not Field Name Specific School: [School Name] cannot participate, the school does not have a signed written affirmation on file. Open the form and re-save it.
Not field name specific Title IV, Part A LEA Allocations has been certified with data from this form. After certifying this form, Title IV, Part A LEA Allocations must be saved and certified again. After certifying this data, Title IV, Part A LEA Allocations must be saved and certified again.
Not field name specific Nonprofit Private School Consultation has been certified. Title IV, Part A Nonprofit Private School Participation must be saved and certified again. Open the form and re-save it.

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