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Instructions: 2019–20 Title I Part A LEA Carryover

Consolidated Application Winter Release data entry instructions for the 2019–20 Title I, Part A Local Educational Agency (LEA) Carryover data collection form.
Data Collection Purpose

This form is used to determine the amount of fiscal year (FY) 2019–20 Title I, Part A funds to be carried forward to FY 2020–21. The 2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA Carryover data collection form must be completed by all local educational agencies (LEAs) that received 2019–20 Title I, Part A funds.

LEAs receiving less than $50,000 of Title I, Part A funds (including funds transferred-in from other sources) in FY 2019–20 are not subject to the 15 percent carryover limit but are required to complete this data collection form.

Note: Effective FY 2019–20, this form must be certified annually.


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act Section 1127(a) limits the amount of Title I, Part A funds an LEA may carry over from one FY allocation to not more than 15 percent of the total Title I, Part A funds allocated to the LEA for that FY. The law allows a state educational agency (SEA) to grant an LEA a waiver of this carryover limit if: (1) the LEA request is reasonable and necessary, or (2) a supplemental Title I, Part A appropriation becomes available. The law limits the SEA’s ability to grant such a waiver to once in three years.

Completion of the waiver section in this form is not an automatic approval of the carryover waiver. The California Department of Education (CDE) will send the LEA a written approval or denial of the LEA waiver request.

Note: The waiver must be approved before the LEA can spend the carryover funds that are in excess of the 15 percent limit.

On April 21, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education granted the State of California approval of their Federal Funding Flexibility Waiver Request, which included approval to waive the 15 percent carryover limitation once every three years for FY 2019–20 funds.

For more information, please refer to the CDE Title I, Part A Carryover and Waiver web page.

CDE Program Staff Contact

Rina DeRose
Education Programs Consultant
Title I Policy, Program, and Support Office

Displayed Data – Allocation and Transfers

2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA allocation: Source data from the CDE Title I, Parts A and D web page.

Transferred-in amount: Data displays as reported in the same fiscal year Federal Transferability data collection form.

2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA available allocation: The allocation amount plus the transferred-in amount.

Procedures – Expenditures and Obligations
Step Action Program Instructions
1 Enter the Expenditures and Obligations through September 30, 2020. Required field. Amount must be equal to or greater than zero.
Displayed Data – Carryover Calculation

Carryover as of September 30, 2020: The 2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA available allocation amount minus the expenditures and obligations through September 30, 2020.

Carryover percent as of September 30, 2020: The September carryover divided by the 2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA available allocation then multiplied by 100 to display value as a percentage.

Note: If the September carryover is 15 percent or less, then no additional fields will display.

2019–20 Allowable carryover amount: The data is calculated as 15 percent of the 2019–20 Title I, Part A LEA available allocation.

Amount of 2019–20 carryover funds above the allowable 15 percent: The data is calculated as the carryover as of September 30, 2020, minus the 2019–20 allowable carryover amount, or zero, whichever is greater.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 Federal Funding Flexibility Waiver, LEAs, with a FY 2019–20 carryover amount greater than 15 percent as of September 30, 2020, may apply for a waiver even if the LEA was granted a carryover waiver within the last three years.

Procedures – Waiver Request

If the LEA has an available allocation that is less than $50,000, then the rules and function of the waiver request section of this data collection form do not apply, regardless of the September carryover percent.

If the September carryover is greater than 15 percent for an LEA with an available allocation greater than $50,000, then the LEA is eligible for a new waiver. When the carryover calculation is saved, the waiver request section will display in this data collection form.

Step Action Program Instructions
2 Provide the Reasonable and Necessary Justification description. Optional field. Describe how the LEA plans to expend or obligate the carryover funds. Maximum 1000 characters.
Error Messages
Field Name Error Message Resolution
Expenditures and Obligations Expenditures and obligations as of September 30, 2020, must be less than or equal to Title I, Part A LEA available allocation. Expenditures and obligations cannot exceed the Title I, Part A LEA available allocation.

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