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Funding Terms

Definitions of words used in funding-related documents.
The glossary of funding terms is designed to help California Department of Education (CDE) clients understand terms used in funding-related documents. Whenever possible, the definitions are drawn from guidance published by the CDE, the California Department of Finance, and the U.S. Department of Education.

Apportionment — Synonymous with allocation. The term is used primarily in situations in which funding is distributed to local educational agencies (LEAs) based on a statutory formula.

Appropriation — Funds set aside by formal legislative action for a specific use (see also Budget Act).

Assurances — Requirements that applicants agree to observe as a condition of receiving funding.

Available funding (Web term) — Funding for which application procedures and related materials (requests for applications, proposals, data, or submissions) have been issued or posted.

Budget Act — Annual statute appropriating funds to California state departments or agencies for expenditures on specified purposes.

Certification — Statement, signed or endorsed by an authorized representative of the receiving agency as a prerequisite for receiving funds, that the proposed recipient (1) meets or will adhere to certain conditions (i.e., "assurances") or (2) will undertake or not undertake certain actions.

Contract — Legally binding agreement between CDE and another entity, public or private, for the provision of goods or services.

Entitlement — Amount of funds that an applicant should receive under a statutory formula. The actual amount of funding apportioned may be less than the entitlement if insufficient funds are available.

Funding program (Web term) — Grant, contract, or apportionment administered by CDE.

Grant — Award of financial assistance for a specified time frame. Some grants are awarded based on a competition, and others are allocated according to a formula. CDE uses grants to distribute funds if LEAs or other entities (not CDE) are the direct beneficiaries of the funding.

Grant award notification — Official document signed by an authorized official stating the amount, terms, and conditions of the grant award.

Reimbursement — Payment for costs already incurred in the provision of services.

Request for applications, data, proposals, and submissions — Documents setting forth application procedures and related materials for a funding program.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, August 12, 2022
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