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California Mathematics and Science Partnership Evaluation

NOTE: The application due date for this program has passed.

Funding Description

Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the California Department of Education (CDE) is seeking proposals from eligible bidders for a statewide evaluator to analyze the implementation, effectiveness, progress, and impact of the California Mathematics and Science Partnership (CaMSP) Program. The purpose of this program is to enhance the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers through professional learning activities and thereby increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics and science. Local partnership grants focus on mathematics in grades three through Algebra I and science in grades three through eight. Core to the improvement efforts sought by CaMSP are the partnerships developed between high-need local educational agencies (LEAs) and the mathematics, science, and/or engineering faculties of institutions of higher education (IHEs).


Eligible Applicants Nonprofit organizations, other organizations or agencies
Required Eligibility Criteria Applicants must be legally constituted and qualified to do business within the State of California (i.e., registered with the Secretary of State). Also, applicants must have had a minimum of four years of recent experience conducting large scale program evaluations similar in nature and scope to that described in this Request for Proposal (RFP). A Letter of Intent to bid on the Evaluation RFP must be received by CDE by June 21, 2013.
Other Eligibility Considerations Sole proprietorships, partnerships, public or private agencies, unincorporated organizations or associations may submit proposals to contract for this independent evaluation. Bidders should be knowledgeable about the current practices and policies associated with California's kindergarten through grade twelve educational system, including school improvement, standards-based education, and standards for the teaching profession, as well as current professional development practice, policy and research trends.
Eligible Grade Level(s) Not applicable
Eligible Age Level(s) Not applicable


Legal Authority No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title II, Part B, sections 2201-2202, funding is contingent upon the 2013-14 State Budget
Source / Type Federal / Contract
State Fiscal Year 2013-14
SACS Resource / Revenue Codes 8290 / 4050
Total Available $350,000
Recipient Amount up to $350,000
Match Requirement No
Allocation Formula The $350,000 available for the contract will come from PCA 0590-01063.

Important Dates

Date Application Available June 10, 2013
Due Date July 23, 2013
Expected Notification Date August 19, 2013

Additional Information

Application Request for Proposal []
Background California Mathematics and Science Partnership []
Fiscal Unavailable
Other Letter of Intent must be received by the CDE by 2 p.m. on June 21, 2013, for all applicants wishing to continue in the bidding process.


Program STEM Office, 916-323-5847,
Fiscal Alice Ng, 916-323-4636,
Division Professional Learning Support Division, 916-323-5847 (phone), 916-323-2833 (fax)
Last Modified: June 25, 2013
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